UniFi AC Lite AP and Grandstream GWN7600 Review and Comaprison

Grandstream Vs Ubiquiti Access Point

UniFi AC Lite AP and Grandstream GWN7600 Review and Comaprison

UniFi and Grandstream have both achieved great work in developing routers and products for commercial use, with access points that are quick and easy to set up and use. However, companies are left with a choice of which to choose. So what are the pros of cons of each product?

Ubiquiti UniFi AC Lite Access Point

Ubiquiti Unifi AC Lite


UniFi’s system is highly scalable, allowing businesses to grow along with their network with minimal interruptions.
The AC Lite is very fast, with almost gigabyte per second speeds, ensuring that large file and folder transfers go through quickly and seamlessly. Combined with MIMO technology, multiple users can upload and download at high capacities whenever they need. The dedicated software ensures that connections are consistent and routers can be managed at all times, keeping your company online.


The Lite access point has a shorter range than the GWN7600 by 40 metres. Anyone in larger workplaces would need more routers with this product, or risk weaker connections in the further corners of the workplace. The dedicated management software could be quite limiting and is far less flexible than the 7600’s browser-based management.

Grandstream Acess Point GWN7600

Grandstream GWN7610 Access Point


The Grandstream Access Point GWN7600 has a huge range of up to 165; this will cover the majority of workplaces, and a wide coverage such as this will make sure all employees stay connected. Power over ethernet features mean that in the case of a power cut, your company will stay connected. The browser-based management is highly flexible and allows administrators to manage up to 30 access points and 450 users on the go, rather than being limited to one device. Furthermore, these access points are not limited to Grandstream products, and third-party APs can be paired to them.


Whilst browser-based management provides flexibility, in the event of a complete network outage administrators would be unable to solve the issues. This would mean more complex solutions are required. The auto-discover and auto-provision features have been known to have some issues in the past, meaning that a little more work may have to be put in to initial set up than expected.

Feature Comparison Chart

Comparison Chart Between GWN7600 & Unifi AC Lite


Overall, both the UniFi AC Lite AP and the Grandstream GWN7600 are suitable for differing workplaces. For a large office or even a campus-style complex, the Grandstream’s significant range and ease of use are incredibly helpful, whereas the UniFi AC Lite suits smaller businesses with the capacity for quick growth. No matter what, these products both offer valuable perks for customers, so it’s certain that there’s something for everyone.

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