3G/4G SIM Routers

3G/4G SIM Routers

Here at MyITHub, we understand how important it is for both domestic and business-owned properties to have a quality router installed. Without a fast internet connection, it’s easy to feel frustrated, and in a workplace setting, this can lead to low employee motivation and a much slower working day. In this blog post, we’ll be listing three of the most powerful 3G/4G LTE USB sim routers out there.

TP-Link 300Mbps Wireless N 4G LTE Router (TL-MR6400)

The main attraction of this router is the incredible speed it operates at. With this router from TP-Link, you’ll be enjoying download speeds of 150Mbps and 300Mbps wireless N speeds. The TP-Link router is a great choice for a busy home environment, especially those where users might be spending a lot of time gaming online or watching video content. It also incorporates antennas that help to provide a reliable Wi-Fi connection at all times and a LAN/WAN port that allows you to seamlessly customize your connection type depending on your home’s requirements.
Billion BiPAC 8920NZ – M2M Dual-SIM 3G/4G LTE Router

This router comes embedded with V/ADSL2+ Wireless-N VPN Firewall, making it the best possible choice for any home or business wishing to prioritize their safety. For companies that hold a lot of sensitive information in their online system, it’s incredibly important to choose a router such as this one from BiPAC that prioritizes security over other features.

DrayTek Vigor2926L- 4G LTE (FDD+TDD) Multi-WAN router
This brilliant multi-tasking router comes with a SIM card slot, Dual Gigabit WAN ports, Security Firewall, and 50 x VPN tunnels. It’s the ideal router for offices that require a fast, reliable connection at all times or just any space that requires a MU-MIMO setup.

If you’re interested in any of the routers we’ve listed in this blog post, or any of the other products sold here at MyITHub, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. Our friendly team will be happy to answer any of your questions about the products we sell and ensure you’re choosing the perfect solution for your IT requirements.

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