Why you need a POE Switch for Your IP Telephony System

Why you need a POE Switch for Your IP Telephony System

Why_you_need_a_POE_switch_for_your_IP_TelephonyPower over Ethernet (POE) is a flexible, economical option for today’s workplace. The technology carries power and data over an Ethernet cable, using the standard LAN infrastructure, so there is no need for expensive network upgrades when moving to POE. However, one of the things you need in order to implement POE is power sourcing equipment (PSE), in the form of a power over Ethernet switch.

Why you need a POE Switch

IP Telephony is one of the key areas in which POE technology is applied. POE supplies the power that IP phones need to operate, and simplifies the distribution of IP telephony. With POE only a single connection to a wall socket is needed, and the system can be powered down from a remote location.

POE provides the power for the IP phones, but in order to use the phone, you need to plug it into a POE switch. The network switch carries both data and power, and connects the different components of the network.  Without the POE switch you won’t be able to access the power supply that’s needed to drive the system. The alternative would be to invest in AC adaptors, which would end up being a more expensive option.

With the right POE switch, you can set the foundation for a strong VoIP system.

POE and VoIP Telephony

IP Telephony that uses POE is the ideal solution for large retail stores, professional offices, educational institutions, and similar environments. However they are equally beneficial for small and medium-sized businesses. Using POE for VOIP gives users a lot of flexibility, because it reduces the need for power outlets, and helps to lower infrastructure costs in the long term.

POE with VoIP is a reliable option, because the connection through the internet cables offers uninterrupted power supply, which significantly reduces data loss.

In today’s business, reliable systems are a necessity.  To look at how you can protect and enhance your VOIP systems whilst making a significant saving, contact MyITHub on 1300 769 640 Today!

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