Which industries benefit from VoIP Phone Systems?

Which industries benefit from VoIP Phone Systems?

Gone are the days of traditional phone lines, because more and more businesses across Australia are seeing the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This new and effective technology allows phone calls to use high-bandwidth digital networking and high speed to automatically route phones and computers, as opposed to traditional analogue phone lines. But which industries are benefitting most? Let’s take a look…

Customer service

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In general, customer service is dealt with over the phone, using calls to troubleshoot any issues, offer personalised solutions and resolve any problems that arise. These phone calls can be expensive, especially if certain issues take a long time to resolve. With a VoIP phone system, operational costs are significantly reduced, wait times are lessened and collect call data can be used to assess the performance of each agent.


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The e-commerce industry is becoming more and more competitive, and customers are becoming impatient to have any issues resolved within a matter of minutes. With traditional phone lines, this expectation was highly unrealistic. With VoIP systems, however, they can be customised specifically for the e-commerce industry, for example, with mobile-friendly capabilities, call records to help verify claims, and auto attendant calls to free agents.

Travel Agencies

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Travel agents firmly rely on the quality of experience they are able to offer their clients. With VoIP phone systems, travel agents are able to send promotional text messages to clients, offer quicker replies, and forward calls to clients even when not at their work desks.


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Many hospitals are now making use of VoIP phone systems, but they are also proving beneficial to nursing homes and various clinics. As VoIP devices can be used wirelessly, communication can be safe and secure in healthcare environments. They also enhance the ability to transfer calls between departments, or to doctors and nurses when needed. Customised menus are beneficial for quick healthcare solutions, meaning people with quick requests aren’t taking up too much time on the phone lines.


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The hospitality sector is highly reliant on the unforgettable experience they can provide to customers. With a VoIP phone system, the sector can make use of extension dialling between employees or departments, as well as customised music to keep callers entertained while on hold.

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