Top 5 reasons to choose AudioCodes phones for Microsoft Teams

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Top 5 reasons to choose AudioCodes phones for Microsoft Teams

In recent years, due to varied technological advancements, businesses with remote or hybrid work environments have sought to install unified communication experiences like AudioCodes phones that foster remote workflow for employees and business owners with enhanced connectivity, flexibility, and productivity.

A robust communication connectivity enables team members to collaborate, strategise, and offer feedback swiftly. With a collaborative workflow, remote employees are more likely to be engaged, as the key to getting business done is being heard and seen without hurdles.

Forward-thinking organizations are continually adapting Microsoft Teams as a central collaboration platform. Microsoft Teams offer networking products, business phones like AudioCodes phones and meeting rooms, and network management tools to promote business productivity and optimise hybrid or remote work structures.

Sounds impressive? We will navigate you through a wide range of Microsoft-certified IP phones of high-quality audio, fostering crystal clear conversions with user interfaces catered to varied business needs. Align your business solutions with the Microsoft Teams phone system to meet modern communication demands in your workspace.


Top 5 reasons to consider AudioCodes phones for Microsoft Teams 

To help you streamline your remote work structure and enhance productivity, we are listing the top 5 reasons that you must adapt AudioCodes phones and other devices for Microsoft Teams as a priority.

1. Elegant design with invaluable features

Great products must look good, and organisations must invest in devices with elegant designs and features like intuitive call flows that offer hassle-free employee experiences. In addition, AudioCodes phones offer features like integrated sidecars with indicators, call transfer buttons, multi-dialing options, and more. With varied options, it’s quite natural to get overwhelmed when selecting the ideal option for your Microsoft Teams; refer to a few recommended options listed below.


  • C435HD IP Phone: It is considered an entry-level or common phone designed to support Microsoft Teams and seamless communication solutions. Its sleek and modern design fits any workspace and meets basic communication demands.
  • C455HD IP Phone: This is a high-end, team executive IP phone that supports Microsoft Teams, and meets with audio codes IP phones solutions. It offers features like a large(5’) colour touch screen, integrated duplex speakerphone, and headset connectivity, which are ideal for customer service teams.
  • C470HD IP Phone:  A high-end, team executive IP phone that supports Microsoft Teams, and meets with audio codes IP phones solutions. Its features include – a clean and sleek design with a graphical portrait of 5.5’, a colour touch screen, and a virtual keyboard. The phone offers a strong password for additional security.

2. LCD with touchscreen 

Audio codes provide a range of LCD phones with features like a touchscreen to seamlessly integrate with communication platforms like Microsoft Teams.  Refer to a few notable models of AudioCodes phones that offer a user-friendly experience for employees.


  • C450HD IP Phone: This model is easy to use, has high functionality, is considered an executive high-end native phone for team business and contains a full-colour touch screen. Additionally, it provides a graphical portrait 5”, colour TFT screen (1280 × 720), multilingual support, and GBE and USB headset support. It is considered ideal for executive employees or other professionals that need high quality audio, easy-to-use phones.
  • C435HD IP Phone: A low-cost, entry-level phone with the feature of a 4.3” colour LCD screen with team buttons. It is ideal for employees seeking easy-to-use phones without overrunning the budget. Additionally, this model provides a large easy to read display user-friendly interface that simplifies to keep others connected, organise calls and meetings with unified communications.

3. Dual gigabit Ethernet

The common use of AudioCodes phones includes connecting with other communication platforms like Microsoft Teams, but it offers other robust features like Gigabit Ethernet support (GBE). The feature assists in enhancing connectivity and phone performance, which helps employees with fast networks to carry out clear communication.


  • C470HD IP Phone: A high-end touch, touch native phone integrated with Microsoft Team executive with features like a graphical portrait of 5.5”, a colour touch screen and a virtual keyboard. It supports GBE for swift and reliable connectivity phones for seamless communication.
  • C450HD IP Phone: A high-end touch native phone integrates with Microsoft Team with features like a full-colour touch screen and dual GBE support. The phone enables employees to have access to a stable network and connect varied users to maintain high-quality audio and video calls.

4. Native support for Microsoft Teams 

Native support for Microsoft Teams’ feature of audio codes for IP phones is the priority for many organisations. The native support is ideal for IP phone models like C450HD and C435HD, which are specifically designed to integrate with Microsoft Teams. Below are a few features that different audio codes IP phones offer.


  • C450HD IP phone: This model supports a single click shift between remote teams and team experience, including Skype for Business, to foster clear communication with multi-language user interface and integrated platforms like Microsoft Teams.
  • C435HD IP phone: Offers dedicated team buttons for team surface and easy access to collaborative conversations.
  • C450HD and C435HD IP phones: Provides features of large display and colourful screens for enhanced visual clarity and easy access and connectivity.

5. Strong Microsoft Teams Admin Center support

AudioCodes IP phones are known for supporting the Microsoft team for admin centres. It allows voice network administrators to monitor IP phones and identify any issues that arise in the future. This wide network management solution gives IT professionals easy access to a single pane of glass to manage meeting room devices at the workplace and installed at home for remote employees as well.


  • C435HD IP Phone: This model is known to be an IT model entity that can complete lifecycle management via audio codes one vice centre (OVOC).
  • C470HD IP Phone: This model provides features like a large graphical portrait of 5.5”, a colour touch screen and also supports the GBE network, with the availability of strong password.


Final Words

Audio codes IP phones for Microsoft Teams provide various perks to organisations, such as strong design, Microsoft certification, easy management, and improved voice quality. With various product portfolios, Audio codes ensure that every business gets a chance to fulfil its needs with feature-rich phones.

In addition, IP phones and One Vice Centre (OVOC) streamline IT staff’s jobs to manage different voice devices at a budget-friendly cost. It helps every business to streamline their workflow with improved communication. Explore more about Audio codes IP phones with  MYITHUB.

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