New Yealink T5 Series Phones

New Yealink T5 Series Phones

The new Yealink T5 Series Phones are out and they are bigger and better than the previous series, T4. With advanced designs in hardware and collaboration efficiency, the T58V Smart Media Phone, T56A Smart Media Phone, and T52S Business Media Phone are at the forefront of shaping the business industry.


Yealink T58V Smart Media Phone

The Yealink T58V Smart Media Phone is an enriched HD video calling and audio device that is simple to use for experienced business individuals. Unlike the T4 series, the T58V has a built-in camera, USB headset, built-in Wi-Fi, and 3-5 way video and audio mixed conferencing. The T58V has a multipoint touchscreen, as well as an inbuilt web browser, recorder, third-party installations, and more. This has a simple, sophisticated and balanced design, offering an all-in-one experience that best suit your business needs.

Yealink T56A Smart Media

The Yealink T56A Smart Media Phone focuses on productivity and enhancing visual communication, while also focusing on providing you with the feel and ease of a standard phone. Though not as advanced as the T58V smart media phone, it is a step up from the T4 series: the T56A provides an HD audio experience, built-in Wi-Fi, USB recording, 3-5 way video and audio mixed conferencing, and more. Supported by apps such as Skype and Zoom meeting, you can integrate with third-party applications. With crystal clear video and voice, and one-touch operation and control, the Yealink T56A is great for busy executives, teleworkers, or business managers that seek a standard, yet advanced, phone.


Yealink T52S Business Media Phone

The Yealink T52S Business Media Phone is specifically designed to cater for executives and business professionals. As the stand out in the T5 series, and a true advancement from the T4 series, the T52S Business Media Phone has a user-friendly design, enhanced audio via Opus audio codec, built-in gigabit Ethernet technology, Bluetooth and more. Like the T5 series, the T52S includes a camera, 3-5 way video and audio conferencing, USB recording, built-in Wi-Fi, and a range of features that will benefit businesses. Those who are looking for improvements in audio quality, collaboration, user-friendly feel and overall hardware design will be very impressed with the T52S and find it a great tool for enhancing collaboration productivity.


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