Gigaset E630A GO IP DECT Cordless Phone

Gigaset E630A GO IP DECT Cordless Phone

The Gigaset E630A GO is one of the toughest phones on the market. It can handle nearly anything you can throw at it, including water, dust and shocks. Unlike other phones, which smash into pieces easily, the Gigaset E630A bounces back.

Reliable yet functional and flexible

The Gigaset E630A is reliable and functional across a variety of contexts. The E630Heasy-to-read, intelligently-designed interface features a large (1.8-inch) TFT colour display. Sound controls include a lateral key, enabling volume adjustment, and a profile key, so you can change acoustics to match your environment — be it quiet or noisy. There’s also a handy built-in torch.

Compared with the Gigaset C530AIP

The C530AIP comes with a similarly easy-to-navigate interface and a 1.8-inch TFT display, with a choice of two colour schemes. Its HDSP™ sound is outstanding and adjustable, but there’s no torch.


Staying on top of administration can be challenging. Fortunately, the Gigaset E630A GO can help. The in-built phone book carries as many as 200 entries, which you can flick through in a few seconds. Plus, the battery life is fantastically long. At every charge, you can speak for up to 14 hours and leave the phone on standby for up to 300 hours.

Compared with the Gigaset C530AIP

The C530AIP is also equipped with a 200-strong phone book. Its battery is slightly more powerful, providing 14 hours of talk time and 320 hours on standby. Furthermore, the C530AIP takes convenience even further, by allowing you to access social networks, such as Facebook, and run as many as six SIP accounts from various providers.

Stay connected

If you often find yourself missing calls, the Gigaset E630A GO can bring peace of mind. Whenever a call comes in, you’re alerted visually and aurally, via LED flashes and a vibrating alarm. There’s also not one, but three integrated answering machines with a combined recording capacity of 55 minutes, as well as a message key to pass on notifications.

Compared with the Gigaset C530AIP

The C530AIP is equally easy to hear, thanks to its adjustable personalised ringtones and sound profiles. However, there’s just one answering machine, with a capacity of up to 30 minutes.

Expandable and efficient

It’s possible to add up to five handsets to the Gigaset E630A GO and internal calls are available, too. Furthermore, ECO Mode reduces transmitting power by 80% and, when on standby, the phone switches off transmission entirely, translating to lower radiation.

Compared with the Gigaset C530AIP

The C530AIP is just as environmentally friendly, with its ECO Mode performing in exactly the same way.

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