New Video Conferencing Solutions by Yealink: MeetingEye 400 and 600

New Video Conferencing Solutions by Yealink: MeetingEye 400 and 600

We are introducing New Meeting Room Solutions by Yealink, MeetingEye 600 & MeetingEye 400 all-in-one intelligent video conference bar designed for small and medium-sized meeting rooms.

The workforce has become quite distributed in 2020 due to the pandemic. A hybrid work environment is becoming quite common – employees working at home & in the office can choose their workplace. In order to stay connected to one another, businesses are turning to video conferencing devices in hopes of creating an immersive meeting experience via technology. Enter the Yealink MeetingEye Series: comprised of two third-generation, all-in-one video conferencing endpoints that successfully bring together colleagues & associates from across the globe.

The bi-camera combination featuring a 20M pixel ultra-wide-angle lens and 10x hybrid zoom lens promises a perfect
performance in detail and panorama. The Ultra-HD 4K camera, multiple AI technologies (face detection, sound
source locating, voice tracking, etc.) and built-in automatic lens cap ensure daily conferences’ fluency and security.
With the all-in-one design, MeetingEye 600 allows wireless deployment and fast sharing, which empowers every meeting in
an intelligent and easy way.

AI Intelligent Framing Efficient Conference

Empowered with advanced AI technologies, including face detection, sound source location, voice tracking, etc., the camera automatically adjusts to the best framing solutions according to the participants’ quantity and location. Real-time close-up to the presenter and manual operations free allow all attendees well focus on the meeting.

SoundTracking Quality Sound Effect

8 MEMS single-direction microphones are built into a linear microphone array to enhance noise elimination and reverberation capability. The newest upgraded Beamforming algorithm brings accurate directional voice tracing and quality conservations with full-duplex technology.

Multiple Screen Projection Methods Convenient in Content Sharing

Support WPP20 wireless screen transmitter, AirPlay, Miracast and other wireless screen projection methods, fast and convenient

Automatic Lens Cap Reliable Privacy Protection

Automatically opening in video conference and closing when not, the privacy-protection lens cap with visible state erases “camera anxiety” daily.


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