Snom IP DECT Cordless Phones

08 01 2001

Snom IP DECT Cordless Phones

A cordless phone is a product of convenience, letting you move around freely while you are chatting to someone, which is particularly useful for many businesses or around the home.

We’ve given you a rundown of some of the best cordless Snom IP phones below, so you can make the best decision when it comes to purchasing one.

Snom M325 VoIP Wireless (DECT) singlecell solution

This setup allows you to have up to 20 different handsets all connected to the one DECT base station. With this package, you have access to a powerful telephone solution that is perfect for a small office or business.

Inside, the phone’s range spans about 50 metres and outside you can get a range of up to 300 metres. You can extend this range by adding a further three M5 repeaters to the system if need be. With its simple interface and easy installation, you can’t go wrong with this easy to use phone system.

Snom M85 Rugged IP DECT Handset with M300/M700 Base station

This is the perfect handset for industrial settings as it is designed to withstand tough conditions. Being shockproof, it doesn’t matter if the handset is dropped, as it won’t break. Plus, there are advanced safety settings within the phone, such as dead man’s sensor and an alarm button.

You can use this handset in conjunction with the M700 or M300 base station, giving it extra functions including answering machine services, call forwarding and caller ID.

Snom M65 Professional Handset with M700 base station

This is one sleek looking phone. The M65 offers a range of functions, and specialises in long range mobile coverage – perfect for use in bigger businesses with a lot of floorspace.

The backlit colour display makes it easy to use, and the wideband audio function means this handset has an extra high-quality voice system. The phone also vibrates when ringing, and the LED tricolour system can be used to show missed calls, voicemail messages and low battery.

Once again, when used with the M700 or M300 base stations, the user can access added features.

And there you have it – some of the best Snom cordless phones! Which one is right for you?

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