How to Select a Phone for MS Lync

How to Select a Phone for MS Lync

How_to_select_a_phone_for_MS_LyncSelecting an MS Lync IP Phone for your business may not be easy, because there are so many of them to choose from. However, the type of phone you select will depend a lot on your requirements, and the purpose for which it’s needed.

Phone Location?

The first thing you need to consider is where the phone will be used i.e. is it for the general office, manager/executive offices, or for the common areas.

Phone Type?

There are different types of VoIP phones available in Australia, and they all serve different purposes. So after you’ve made a decision regarding where the phone will be used, you can then determine the type of phone you will need. You may opt for an entry level, mid-range, or premium IP phone.

Should you buy a MS Lync Optimized or MS Lync Compatible IP phone?

The Optimized phone has been designed to meet MS Lync hardware and software specifications, and you therefore get all of the functionalities along with it. The Compatible or qualified phone has been tested and will work with the core MS Lync functions. However, some functionality may be lost, because compatible phones use the VoIP and OS software of the manufacturer, and not Microsoft.

Features to look for

There are a number of capabilities that enhance collaboration in the workplace, and these are central components of MS Lync. The desktop VoIP phone you select should support most of these functionalities. These include:

Support for Lync Server 2013 Enterprise Voice Features such as:

  • Response Group
  • Group Call Pick-up
  • Call Park
  • Call Admission Control
  • Call Details record
  • Contact List and Presence

In addition to the voice features, there are other handset features to look for including:

  • Better Together over Internet (BToE)
  • Boss/Admin
  • Phone to Phone video calls
  • Web-based address book search
  • Phone expansion modules
  • Phone Paging
  • Local voice recording
  • Address Book service


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