Ubiquiti 2.3-2.7GHz AirMax Base Station


Ubiquiti 2.3-2.7GHz AirMax Base Station

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Ubiquiti High Gain Sector Antenna AM-2G16-90

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Ubiquiti High Gain Sector Antenna AM-2G16-90

Ubiquiti airMAX Sector Antenna AM-2G16-90, Advanced RF Isolation Antenna Advanced Carrier-Class PtMP Basestation Antenna. Introducing the Ubiquiti airMAX Sector AM-2G15-120, which continues the evolution of Ubiquiti.

Sector Coverage

The airMAX Sector Antenna is a Carrier Class 2×2 Dual Polarity MIMO Sector Antenna that was designed to seamlessly integrate with RocketM radios (RocketM sold separately). Pair the RocketM’s radio with the airMAX Sector Antenna’s reach to create a powerful basestation. This versatile combination gives network architects unparalleled flexibility and convenience


Installing the airMAX® Titanium Sector

Breakthrough Design and Performance

The innovative airMAX® Sector Antennas feature carrier-class construction and 2×2, dual-polarity performance.

Reduced Interference, Higher Gain                                                                   RF Isolation and Beamwidth Options

Highly resistant to noise interference, the airMAX® Sector Antennas                  The versatile airMAX® Titanium Sector models feature advanced
provide superior gain and beam performance for high-capacity, multipoint          RF isolation and adjustable beamwidth options: 60°, 90° or 120°.



Industrial-Strength Construction                                                                   Plug and Play Integration

airMAX® Antennas are designed with robust mechanical                                Every airMAX® Antenna has a built-in Rocket™ mount,
design for outdoor application use.                 
                                                  so no tools are design for outdoor application use.                                          



Guide and Datasheet

  • Ubiquiti airMAX® Sector Antenna Datasheet
  • Ubiquiti Sector Antenna AM-2G16-90 Quick Start Guide
Specifications Antenna Characteristics for AM-2G16-90  
Dimensions(mm)   700 x 145 x 79
Weight 3.9 kg
Frequency Range 2.3 - 2.7 GHz
Gain     16.0 - 17.0 dBi
HPOL Beamwidth 91° (6 dB)
VPOL Beamwidth 90° (6 dB)
Electrical Beamwidth
Electrical Downtilt
Max. VSWR 1.5:1
Wind Survivability 125 mph
Wind Loading 19 lbf @ 100 mph
Polarization Dual-Linear
Cross-pol Isolation 28 dB Min.
Mounting Universal Pole Mount, RocketM Bracket, and Weatherproof RF Jumpers Included