TP-Link RACKMOUNT KIT-19 rack accessory Mounting kit

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TP-Link RACKMOUNT KIT-19, Mounting kit, Black, Metal, DS-P7001-04(UN) DS-P7001-08(UN) DS-P7001-16(UN)DVT ER8411(UN) ER8411(UN)DVT T2700G-28TQ(RU)…

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TP-Link RACKMOUNT KIT-19. Type: Mounting kit, Product colour: Black, Housing material: Metal

  • 19-inch Switches Rack Mount Kit
  • Compatible with TP-Link 19-inch rack mount switches and other products.
  • If not sure about the model of the switch, please measure the size of the mounting ears and the hole spacing of the switch, can be used if they match.
  • Reliable metal materials are selected, which are sturdy and durable, and the installation is firm and not easy to fall.
  • There are many compatible models, please pay attention to the size of the machine.
Packaging content
  • Mounting kit: ✔
  • Type: Mounting kit
  • Product colour: Black
  • Housing material: Metal
  • Compatibility: DS-P7001-04(UN) DS-P7001-08(UN) DS-P7001-16(UN)DVT ER8411(UN) ER8411(UN)DVT T2700G-28TQ(RU) T2700G-28TQ-DC(RU) TL-SF1016(UN) TL-SF1024(UN) TL-SF1048(UN) TL-SG1016(UN) TL-SG1024(UN) TL-SG1048(UN) TL-SG1218MPE(UN) TL-SG1428PE(UN) TL-SG2218(UN) TL-SG2218P(UN) TL-SG2428P(UN) TL-SG3210XHP-M2(UN) TL-SG3428(UN) TL-SG3428X(UN) TL-SG3428XF(UN) TL-SG3428X-UPS(UN) TL-SG3452(UN) TL-SG3452P(UN) TL-SG3452X(UN) TL-SG3452XP(UN) TL-SL1218MP(UN) TL-SL1226P(UN) TL-SL2428P(UN) TL-SX3008F(UN) TL-SX3016F(UN) VIGI NVR4032H(UN)