SSL Certificates – Which Cert is right for you?

SSL Certificates – Which Cert is right for you?

A Digital Certificate is the perfect identity validation mechanism for for your online venture. A Digital Certificate helps you Secure all online transactions and data exchange presence, and helps make your website risk free.

Research says that the Web surfers are more comfortable entering confidential and personal data on an SSL Secured Website. The importance of Digital Certificates has grown by leaps and bounds with the dawn of a new era of intensive Internet usage, be it for shopping or e-commerce.

Choosing the Right SSL for your Business:

It becomes imperative to opt in for the right Digital Certificate which compliments your website’s needs perfectly. In order to provide you with the right set of options to choose from we have partnered with thawte – A Verisign Product, and an leading provider for Premium Digital Certificates and security products. thawte, by itself is easily the most trusted digital seal on any website across the internet, and is held in high regard by visitors. Getting a thawte certificate on your website will better the number of times a purchase process is abandoned.

Digital Certificate Types:
SSL 123:

SSL 123 is our Entry Level Certificate and you can get this certificate issued within minutes of signing up. Using SSL 123, thawte provides validation of you being the official registrant of the Domain name in use. Being the entry level Certificate, its the lowest priced thawte Certificate. You could choose to opt in for this certificate if the following are your needs:
You would need the thawte authentication and Seal on your website at the lowest cost.
You would want to cut down on the verification procedures and get the Certificate in the most hassle free way and within minutes of signup.

SGC (Server Gated Cryptography) SuperCert:

thawte SGC SuperCert offers the strongest encryption and automatically steps up protection to a minimum of 128-bit. This would be done even if your visitors use older browsers which have limited 40-bit or 56-bit encryption capabilities. SGC SuperCert has been the apt choice for various businesses needing a constant exchange of sensitive information over the internet.

You could use an SGC SuperCert, if any of the following are true for your business:

You conduct medium to high-value e-commerce transactions via your web interface.

If you frequently engage in collecting exclusive and sensitive information from your clients over the internet.
Eg.: You need to secure the login credentials of your clients. You would like to collect your business associated sensitive information using the strongest encryption.

Web Server Certificate

thawte SSL Web Server Certificate authenticates not only the ownership of your Domain Name but also gets your Business Identity verified. It offers 256, 128, 56 or 40-bit encryption, depending on your client’s browser capability, ensuring that information is encrypted while being transmitted from your server and your visitor’s web browsers.
You would need a Web Server Certificate, if any of the following are true for your business:
You would like to secure your company’s data that is hosted on your Server.
You are a reputed organization with a need to secure every inflow and outflow of information for your Domain hosted on your Server.

Wildcard Server Certificate

thawte WildCard Certificate allows you to secure multiple sub domains of one domain on the same server, eliminating the need to purchase individual Digital Certificates for each Sub-Domain. Hence, you will no longer need to spend time, money and effort on obtaining multiple certificates for all the hosts on a domain. thawte Wildcard Server Certificate not only validates your Domain Name but also your Business Identity.

You need a Wild Carded Certificate, if any of the following are true for your business:
You want to secure all the information that is being transmitted between your Client’s Browser and all the Sub-Domains hosted on the same Server.
You are the Parent Company and would like to secure all the information relating to your Business Units that are the Sub-Domains on the Parent Company’s Domain.
Eg.: If you want to secure and, which are Sub-Domains of your Primary Domain,, then buying a WildCard Certificate will secure all these Sub-Domains along with the Primary Domain.

If you are a Financial Organization and would like to secure all the sensitive information, then its ideal to use a WildCard Server Certificate.
Using Additional Licenses:

Quite often, websites are hosted on multiple servers rather one dedicated server. Although, a WildCard Server Certificate secures all the hosts on a particular Domain Name, it will be unable to secure the Sub-Domains hosted on the multiple servers. However, to avail the benefit of securing all these hosts on multiple servers, you can avail of our Additional License, that helps you in overcoming this limitation and securing all the hosts of that Domain Name effectively. Using these Additional Licenses is not only time saving but also helps in reducing your costs.

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