What are Speaker Phones?

What are Speaker Phones?

Speaker phones are a brilliant innovation for those who need to multitask while talking on the phone and they are absolutely perfect for business meetings. These days, there are not many phones in office settings that don’t allow speaker functionality and there are many good reasons for that.

Speaker phones allow multiple people to be engaged in a telephone call simultaneously. This is particularly handy when businesses have satellite offices or meetings where there is a need for numerous stakeholders to be involved.

Speaker phones also exist on mobile devices as a safety mechanism, particularly when driving. They prevent immobility and lessen the chance of distraction. There is a speaker phone that is suitable for every need – it’s just all about knowing the individual or business needs and investing in the right type.

Speaker phones come in all shapes and sizes. The Half Duplex type only allows one person to speak, whilst muting the other end. A Full-Duplex speaker phone allows all members and connections of the call to speak simultaneously. Both Half-Duplex and Full-Duplex have their pros and cons and are designed for different uses.

The best type of speaker phones contains multi-functionality. Below are some of the key models and their best purposes.

Jabra SPEAK 710 UC Speaker Phone

This speaker is renowned for its sound. Its volume can easily cover large spaces and boardrooms and its sound clarity ensures effective calls or meetings. The design is popular as it is portable and it has a fast connection and Bluetooth capabilities.

Plantronics Calisto P620 Wireless USB Speakerphone with 360-degree mic, BT

Stylish and sleek, this speaker phone is the first wireless designed for UC. It maintains advanced integration technology that allows the user to integrate calls from a laptop or smart device. With no cord, the unit is portable and easy to use.
Sennheiser SP 20

This series of speakerphones is elite. The Sennheiser SP 20 is designed to be portable and connect to a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone. The USB connection allows reliability and the lightweight device is stylish and clear.
Konftel Ego

Designed for personal use, the Konftel Ego is perfect for people that travel frequently for business, or work remotely. The small speaker is light weight and easily transportable. This speaker is a great alternative to a headset and easily connects to external devices using a USB cable or Bluetooth technology. Containing many additional features, the clear LCD screen ensures the device is used with ease.
Jabra Drive Bluetooth In-Car speakerphone

There really is a speakerphone available for every possible need, and this one is no different. For people with long commute, or who drive frequently for work, this speakerphone easily connects to a phone and makes driving safe. Did someone say multi-tasking?
In a digital world, many businesses hang their hat on their technologies and this includes speaker phones. Investing in speaker phones that perfectly suit the needs will ensure a business runs smoother, everyone is heard in meetings and that communication is clear.

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