Types of Analogue Conference Phones Based on Connectivity

Types of Analogue Conference Phones Based on Connectivity

In our previous blogs, we’ve talked about how to choose speakerphones based on size and best fit for your business. Today, we’re going to take a look at how to choose analogue conference phones based on connectivity, covering both wired and wireless conference phones.

Wired conference phones

Polycom SoundStation Duo

Perfect for small to medium-sized conference rooms, the Duo supports VoIP integration and SIP software and also incorporates the latest sound technology, for the clear and coherent conversations.

Polycom SoundStation2
Designed for conference calls involving up to 10 people, this phone boasts incredible performance and voice quality. Users can be heard when speaking in a normal voice even when three metres away, while you can say goodbye to mobile phone interference forever!

Polycom VoiceStation 300
Another speakerphone option ideal for smaller conference calls, the VoiceStation 300 is easy to set up, promises high quality and – best of all – can be operated hands-free!

Konftel 220
The Konftel 220 not only looks stylish – it’s also highly effective at its job too. Need to call the same people frequently? No problem, simply pre-program their numbers using the five-speed dialling keys. The Konftel covers us up 12 people and can be used in any room with a phone jack.

Konftel 300
The Konftel 300 builds on the 220, allowing you to record conversations on SD memory cards and also to switch between analog, cell phone and USB connectivity technologies. The Konftel 300 is probably the most comprehensive option on this list, as it allows you to add microphones and headsets as necessary.

Wireless conference phones

Polycom SoundStation2W
Great when you need to conduct a conference call from a room with no phone lines, the wireless Polycom SoundStation2W incorporates a battery which allows for up to 24 hours talk time on just a single charge. You can dial in using your mobile too, for a truly flexible solution.

Konftel 300Wx
The daddy of them all – the Konftel 300Wx promises an incredible 60 hours’ talk time on a single charge. This conference phone can connect to your mobile or desktop for effortless conversation, while multi-party calls and save call groups make organising regular meetings easy.

For more information on the best analogue conference phone to suit your business, get in touch with My IT Hub today.

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