EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 232 Wired Headset


EPOS | SENNHEISER SC 232 Wired Headset

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Connects to : Desk Phone Via Easy Disconnect

CIRCLE™ SC 232 are robust, single- and double sided, wired headset with Easy Disconnect plug for flexible use in Contact Center and Offices.

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Sennheiser SC 232 is a robust, single-sided, wired soft phone headset designed for Unified Communication professionals in Contact Center and Office workplaces. It features an in-line call con­trol unit for seamless call management.

With Sennheiser Voice Clarity and noise-cancelling microphone, the SC 232optimizes speech intelligibility in noisy environments to deliver a clearer, more natural conversational experience during calls.

Years of wearing pleasure

With metal reinforced headbands and all-around robust and durable design, these headsets were built to last.


Sennheiser USB headset adapter cables for CIRCLE™ SC 230 are ideal for contact centers and hot-desking environments with UC or softphones, where users frequently change shifts.

The Easy Disconnect plug provides walkaway convenience and allows the headset to detach while putting the call on hold.

CircleFlex® dual-hinge ear cups – All-day wearing comfort

The ear cups, which have ear pads made of soft acoustic foam and a leatherette cover, swivel to create the right angle for you.

The result? An immediate perfect fit and all day comfort for the busy contact center or office professional.

Focus fully on the conversation – Sennheiser voice clarity

If you work in a noisy contact center or office, you will appreciate the Sennheiser Voice Clarity of CIRCLE™ Series headsets. With a noise-cancelling microphone and wide-band sound, every word comes through crisp and clear for you and your listener. It’s as if you’re having a face-to-face conversation.

What’s in it for you?

  • For long-lasting user comfort, CIRCLE™ headsets feature CircleFlex™ dual-hinge ear cups with acoustic foam ear pads with soft leatherette cover.
  • Sennheiser ActiveGard® technology protects users against acoustic injury caused by sudden sound burst on the line.
  • A fully adjustable, bendable boom arm positions the microphone perfectly. The pivotable boom rotates 350 degrees for wearing on either the right or left.
  • Wideband sound for a natural listening experience while a noise-cancelling microphone filters out ambient noise for optimum speech clarity

Guide and Data Sheet

Color black
Impedance 50 ohm
Connector Easy Disconnect
Frequency response (Microphone) 150 Hz – 6,800 Hz(Wideband)
Frequency response (Headphones) 60 Hz – 16,000 Hz
Microphone Noise-cancelling
Max. sound pressure level Max. 113 dB limited by ActiveGard®
Cable length 1 m / 3.3 ft
Weight 58 g
Box Inclusion Headset, Acoustic leatherette ear pads, mounted on headset Cable/Clothing clip, mounted Nylon carry pouch, Safety guide, Quick guide.
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