Ideal NBN Solution for Home and Business Networking

Ideal NBN Solution for Home and Business Networking

What is National Broadband Network (NBN)?


NBN is an Australian Government initiative to provide high speed Internet access for most Australians. It is one of the major infrastructure projects undertaken by the Government, and involves the rollout of optic fibre cable all over the country to replace the aging copper network.



In order for high speed Internet to be available for all Australians, whether you are in the city, suburban or remote area, the Government has adapted a Mixed Technology approach. For most suburbs, optic fibre to the premises will be offered. In these cases, you will most likely use broadband routers for NBN connections.


For other suburbs or multiple dwelling apartments, optic fibre to the nodes (or the basements) will be provided, and copper wires with Very-high-bit-rate Digital Subscriber Line (VDSL) routers will be used to deliver high speed Internet to these homes and offices.


In some remote areas where it is not feasible to run optic fibre, NBN is providing NBN fixed wireless or NBN Satellite services.





Why do I need NBN?


For businesses, faster Internet speed means better efficiency and effectiveness. For instance, staff, customers, and/or suppliers can communicate with each other or have video conferencing with plenty of bandwidth to spare, resulting in better coordination and stronger relationship.



For home users, there will be a bunch of applications in online learning, e-shopping, e-health, music, photos, movies, games, etc. There will be benefits for everyone to gain and to enjoy. In fact, many of these new services may well become the core household services like electricity and water of today.



How do I connect to NBN?

Once NBN services are available in your area, all you need to do is to contact an Internet Service Provider (ISP) that offers the NBN services. There are a number of ISPs who provide Internet services through NBN.

The federal government has taken on a mixed-technology method for the NBN implementation. What this means is that how you connect to NBN will depend on the technology for your premises.

If you have optic fibre connected to your premises, NBN will install a NBN utility box to the outside of your home and a NBN connection box inside your home. The NBN connection box, also called a Network Termination Device, provides 4 WAN ports and 2 telephone ports, as shown below:

You will be able to connect a broadband router onto any of the WAN ports, and after setting up with the ISP’s login details, start to enjoy the NBN Internet connection.

Recommended Router Solutions


Most ISPs provide a Network Terminating Unit (NTU) in your premises. You can then decide on the right router that fit your purposes and budget. DrayTek has a diverse range of routers for home users through to Business users. These routers connect you to the NBN and support many extra security and business level features designed for modern home, SOHO, SMB and corporate applications.

Home User / SOHO

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SMB User

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LTE Series

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Source: Draytek NBN and non-NBN Solution for Business and Home Networking

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