Grandstream Access Points

Grandstream Access Points

Depending on the number of WIFI clients your business must accommodate, as well as how large an area you must cover, is what will be the deciding factor to which Grandstream Access Point is right for your business.

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Grandstream GWN7600 – Entry Level 2×2 Wave-2 WIFI Access Point

Grandstream’s Entry Level is designed for small to medium-sized multi-floor businesses. Perfect for branch offices and commercial locations, it can supply WIFI to up to 450 clients at a range of up to 165 metres. It has a controller-less distributed network management design to ensure easy installation and management. By using digital signatures, it ensures anti-hacking secure boot and data lockdown. It provides unique security certificates, as well as random default passwords per device to ensure information safety.

Grandstream GWN7600LR – Outdoor Long Range Wireless Access Point


This long-range access point has a 300-metre range, waterproof casing and heat-resistant technology to protect from the elements, making it great for the outdoors.

Able to supply WIFI to over 450 clients concurrently, this unit’s strength is its distance. Designed to accommodate the needs of medium-sized businesses on large properties, it provides the reach and range that the GWN7600 Entry Level cannot. This outdoor access point has advanced QoS for real-time performance and anti-hacking secure boot, critical data/control lockdown and extra support for coverage.

Grandstream GWN7610 – Enterprise 802.11ac WIFI Access Point


Perfect for office buildings, hotels, hospitals, convention and retail centers, the GWN7610 provides WIFI speeds of up to 1300Mbps for up to 250 concurrent clients per access point. Its versatility means it can handle small to large businesses alike. Access points provide ports for a Kensington lock, which secures devices to its dual-band WIFI of 2.4GHz and 5Ghz. Its controller-less, flexible design also includes two auto-sensing Gigabit ports and a reset button.

Able to connect with all third-party routers and switches, the GWN7610 provides businesses with a large network throughput and a huge wireless coverage range. It’s also equipped with market-premium security features and embedded network management systems free of external controllers or single failure points.

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Choosing the right Access Point for you will depend on factors such as budget and your specific requirements such as the distance it needs to cover, speed required etc. No matter the requirements, a perfect Access Point to meet your needs will exist, it just requires a little research and to know where to look. Contact us at My IT Hub for more advice.


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