RingCentral New Products Summary

RingCentral Webinar™

What: A modern webinar solution that’s easy to create, run, or join. Events can be set up in seconds, and attendees can join through a browser, app, or via RingCentral Rooms, all backed by RingCentral’s renowned security and reliability. Fully integrated with RingCentral MVP.


  • Stress-free & easy to create & run events
  • Join without downloading anything
  • Includes all safeguards of RingCentral Trust
  • Built with an ecosystem in mind with rich analytics and APIs
  • The easiest-to-use webinar solution on the market

RingCentral Webinar™ Frontline Worker (Push to Talk)

What: A powerful, cost-effective solution for first responders, hospital staff, and field workers. It transforms mobile devices into smart walkie-talkie devices with push-to-talk capabilities, mobile AI video, team messaging, file sharing, and more. Allows secure communication anywhere with WiFi or cellular internet.


  • Live broadcasts heads up and hands-free
  • Drive ROI through fewer devices and apps
  • Integrates with intelligent video collaboration in one app
  • Global coverage
  • High reliability and persistent voice
  • Device interoperability

RingSense™ for Sales

What: A Conversation Intelligence Platform that uses AI and NLP to analyze sales calls, meetings, and emails at scale, providing proactive insights and coaching recommendations to improve sales performance.


  • Removes complexity and cost barriers
  • Ability to train AI with customizable pre-templated trackers
  • AI designed for scale allows sales managers to monitor trends and coach effectively
  • AI-generated summaries, notes, and follow-ups automatically served to reps
  • Proactively helps focus on the most important conversations
  • Integrates with third-party communications

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