Why your business should switch to VoIP

Why your business should switch to VoIP

For better efficiency of your telephony system, you should consider using VoIP. Voice-over-Internet allows businesses to run phone, wireless and applications on the same business VoIP network.

Here are some reasons to convince you why your business should be switching to VoIP today.

1. Reduced costs

VoIP phone systems can be bundled with other cloud and internet services to reduce operation costs and lower prices. When bundled they are lower than traditional telephones but offer far more functionality

2. Easy-to-install

VoIP is easy-to-install and does not require any technical know-how. If you have an existing internet connection you can install VoIP without any additional hardware. Companies do not need to hire technical staff to manage the system because it is serviced and maintained by your VoIP service provider.

3. Flexibility and convenience

Like most internet-enabled technology, VoIP systems offer you speed and flexibility to perform all the tasks you will need to run your business including phone calls, emails, e-faxes and remote video conferencing.

A VoIP system gives you the freedom to have more than one employee working on a file while doing other tasks at the same time, for example, crafting a proposal on Google Documents via a VoIP video conferencing platform.

4. Better decision making

VoIP networks nowadays are equipped with enhanced functionalities, such as data sharing and analytics. This means a VoIP phone system can visualise data in real time to pick out immediately what works and what doesn’t.

A company can decide the parameters that are important to measure, for example location of the call, call group, user or phone number. Dashboards can present easy-to-read charts and graphs of call monitoring as well as archived reports so that they are easy to find later.

Having real-time analytics at your fingertips helps business owners make better and faster-informed decisions about where they want to allocate their resources and how their employees should be responding to customers and opportunities.

A VoIP phone system offers you ample functionalities that can enhance the performance of your business. The next step is to choose the right SIP Provider who can route your VoIP calls in the most cost-effective way for your business. You want a provider with a solid experience working with many different types of industry and one that is on the ball with the latest telephony technology. Contact MyITHub today for more information.

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