Top Technology Highlights for 2014

Top Technology Highlights for 2014

Top_technology_highlights_of_2014The annual CES, Consumer Electronics Show, was in Las Vegas recently showing off new technology and some future technology gadgets, here are our highlights for technology during 2014.

  1. It seems that wearable technology is one of the biggest and most growing trends this year. There was everything from connected socks and baby clothing, to the usual fitness bands. This has become such a hot topic that it now has its own “wrist revolution” zone at the CES.
  2. Televisions are getting upgrades as well, many manufacturers were presenting their new Ultra HD televisions and curved frames. Interactive features are a new add and even new and exciting partnerships are formed in hopes of bringing new and exciting technologies to the television world.
  3. Cars were also at the CES this year with an emphasis on new technology being loaded into them. There were a record breaking nine different vehicle makers there this year, showcasing self-parking cars and 4G internet connections on board.
  4. Robots were part of the show this year, from robots who can teach your children their ABC’s to work and entertainment uses, robots are still a large part of future technologies.
  5. You are guaranteed to see smartphones at the CES every year because of its huge popularity amongst most individuals. The show displayed new “phablets”, a phone and tablet hybrid, and even bendable displays. Who knows what the future holds for our smartphones.
  6. 3D printing technology is on the rise and gaining more popularity. It’s still not the norm in households, but Pirate 3D introduced their Buccaneer home 3D printer that sells for $497.
  7. Smart homes are becoming more and more popular with technology giants LG and Samsung in the lead. They are introducing smart appliances such as stoves, washing machines, and even vacuums that allow you to exchange text messages and other amazing features.
  8. One of the most exciting new technologies that were presented are intuitive computing. Leading companies want to get rid of the mouse pad and keyboard permanently and let users navigate with their bodies. Technology that follows eye movements and body movements are on the rise.

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