How to Offer Residential VoIP Service

How to Offer Residential VoIP Service

IPsmarx has been enabling start ups to offer VoIP services worldwide since 2001. With the rise of entrepreneurship over the past 2 years, we have noticed an increased demand for an all-in-one solution that will enable businesses to offer full-featured VoIP service quickly, easily, and with a low initial investment.

That’s why we are now offering a start up package that includes all of the tools needed to offer competitive residential VoIP service!

Our Class 5 Start Up Package Includes:
•Class 4 & 5 Softswitch with Integrated Billing
•Easy Billing Package Definition (such as “Unlimited Calling in US and Canada for $20/month)
•Complete E-Commerce Solution
•DID (phone number) Assignment
•IP-IP Calling (free calling in network)
•Complete Installation & Training
•Start Up Technical Support Package

The entire solution can be hosted through one of our hosting partners so no hardware is needed at your location.

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