Reviewing Yealink CP960 and Trio 8800 Conference Phones for Microsoft Teams

Reviewing Yealink CP960 and Trio 8800 Conference Phones for Microsoft Teams

As remote working increases, technology is stepping up to make collaboration between remote teams possible. Microsoft Teams is a communication platform that has proven to be an effective solution, by bridging the connection gap for remote interactions. In the following review, we look at two of the most recent audio conference phone solutions for Microsoft teams.

The Yealink CP960

Structured as a tripod stand design with a multi-touch modern screen interface, the Yealink CP960 is suitable for today’s modern conference room. It features Yealink noise proof technology that eliminates noise distractions which come from anything other than a voice. So, with noise proof technology, individuals using Microsoft Teams can collaborate with greater clarity.

It also features a 20-foot, 360-degree voice pickup range. Therefore, speakers within this range can easily contribute to a discussion in a large conference room with clear reception. Such clarity is unbeatable in the modern conference room and the Yealink CP960 has USB compatibility for connecting to a PC, which makes it possible to share data easily with your team through Microsoft Teams.

Yealink CP960

Case scenario

The Yealink CP960 can be used in a large conference room with multiple users. Also, due to its noise-proof capabilities, it can be used in busy offices without capturing low noise distractions or creating adverse effects on communication.

The Trio 8800

The Trio 8800 can be described as the smartphone for today’s conference room. The sleek design of the Polycom Trio 8800 is coupled with a powerful voice and video quality as well as content sharing capabilities. It comes with an enhanced Polycom HD voice, Polycom Noise Block, and a 20-foot pickup range to ensure that every voice is heard. It is the perfect voice conference phone and is certified for use with Microsoft Teams.

The Trio 8800 combines its powerful audio features with the Polycom Trio Visuals/VisualPro, and its eagle eye camera brings face to face video interaction to Microsoft Teams. To enhance decision making for your team, the Trio 8800 supports wired and wireless content sharing from personal devices. It also comes with a mute button on all of its three stands to simplify operation.

Trio 8800

Case scenario

The Trio 8800 is made for busy conference and office rooms. Its noise cancellation feature makes it convenient to engage in clear and distraction-free discussions. The ability to pair it with personal devices makes it flexible and convenient to use with Microsoft Teams.

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