Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone

Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone


This powerful conference phone with built in Bluetooth is the perfect solution for any company looking to upgrade their collaborative working processes. Polycom’s analogue conference phones are renowned around the world for the high-quality sound they provide for each and every call, and the RealPresence Trio 8500 is no exception.

This particular IP phone is a compact model, with relatively small dimensions of just 35.6cm x 30.9cm x 7cm, and weighing in at 985g. However, its small size doesn’t mean it’s any less powerful. The Trio 8500 has the capability to handle multiple calls at any one time, with three lines available (one for Skype). Its ability to process a shared call/bridged line is second to none, and, with local five-way audio conferencing, it’s perfect for those meetings across large offices where the insight of multiple employees is needed for important decision-making.

The Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone also includes an intuitive Skype for Business interface that is user friendly and operates smoothly, thanks to a state of the art five inch colour LCD screen. This touch screen operating system incorporates a virtual keyboard, so you’ll be able to easily send over important notes made during conference calls. Sending information over to important contacts is simple, as you are able to easily store details for those contacts in the phone’s memory.

The versatile Polycom RealPresence Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone is able to operate efficiently under any conditions, and at any temperature between 0° to 40°C. Even if you’re stuck in a sweltering office in the middle of summer, there’s no danger of this device overheating. Using the Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone will help you to keep cool under pressure, too, thanks to its unbeatable audio quality, which will keep you and your colleagues at the top of your game.

There’s no danger of misheard words during intense business meetings, or of appearing unprofessional due to a lagging connection. The RealPresence Trio 8500 IP Conference Phone has patented Polycom® HD Voice™ technology integrated, ensuring every word is crystal clear. There are also a number of other convenient functions installed in the Trio 8500 IP, including Polycom® Acoustic Clarity™ technologies, such as noise reduction with voice processing, and echo cancellation.



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