Now available: Version 8 of the Astaro Security Gateway!

Now available: Version 8 of the Astaro Security Gateway!

We are excited to announce the general availability of the Astaro Security Gateway Version 8.000! To address the growing demand for integrated solutions we see in the segment of larger companies, we have implemented several new features that make Astaro an attractive option here, like in the areas of revision and compliance. Other new features have been added with the requirements of the SMB in mind, and WebAdmin has been revised in order to further simplify management tasks.
What’s new with Version 8:
• Multi-role Administration – Specify access permissions for different administrators.
• Configuration Change Auditing – See what was altered in the configuration and by whom.
• IPv6 Support – Accommodates the next iteration in IP addressing.
• Printable Configuration – Save a copy for auditing or compliance reasons.
• VPN Activity Reporting – Displays the status and historical activity of your remote workers.
• Country Blocking – Disallow all communications with specified countries or regions.
• … and much more …
Check our Up2Date Blog for more details on new or enhanced features.

How to Upgrade From Version 7 to Version 8
To ensure a smooth transition period, newly bought appliances will ship with Version 8 installed not until October 1st, 2010. Version 8 can be installed at any time by downloading it here.

Subscriptions that are valid for Version 7 are of course valid for Version 8, too. To make use of the Astaro Security Gateway Version 8, users need to upgrade to the new licensing model we introduced in February. Of course, users are free to continue with version 7.5 should they wish to.

Why switch to Version 8?
Version 8 is the new platform that lays the foundation for further innovations made by Astaro. The next big news will be the release of a new subscription called ‘Astaro Web Application Security’ that we will already see later this month.

We hope we could infect you a little with the excitement that drives us these days. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact us.

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