i-Serv Enterprise IP-DECT Phone Systems

i-Serv Enterprise IP-DECT Phone Systems

8630BS IP-DECT BaseStation with Roaming

The i-Serv 8630BS IP-DECT BaseStation is a turnkey solution designed for small to medium sized businesses, and offers unmatched scalability and value. An i-Serv system can grow from 1 to 40 BaseStations, supporting up to 200 users. Each BaseStation can support up to 30 handsets, with a maximum of 10 active concurrently. All handsets are supported by seamless inter-cell call handover. Four CAT-iq wideband audio channels are supported per BaseStation, as is the G.722 audio codec, guaranteeing exceptional audio quality. BaseStations support 10 active voice channels, and up to 30 connected Handsets. i-Serv systems can be configured for standalone telephony use, or up to 40 BaseStations and their handsets can be connected to an enterprise IP-PBX. This is an ideal solution for larger sites needing to support mobile staff groups with cordless VoIP handsets.

Ordering Codes:
8630BS i-Serv IP-DECT BaseStation. DECT GAP/CAP/CAT-iq standards supported. Repeater function. Scalable from 1 to 40 BaseStaions. 30 handsets per Base, 200 in total. Seamless inter-cell call handover. 10 narrowband and 4 CAT-iq wideband audio channels per base. G.722 wideband codec supported. PoE.
8630BS-G729 G.729 codec module for 8630BS BaseStation


• Seamless inter-cell call handover
• Expandable from 1 to 40 BaseStations – 20 0 handsets
• CATiq and G.722 HD audio
• G.726, G.711 and optional G.729 narrowband codec
• 12 Slot radio: up to 10 active voice channels
• Over the Air synchronization
• Power over Ethernet
• 2 omni-directional antennas
• Indicative range: 50m Indoor, 30 0m outdoor

8630HS IP-DECT Handset
The i-Serv 8630HS is a stylish, ergonomically designed cordless IP-DECT handset for use with the i-Serv 8630BS BaseStations. Featuring a large 2-inch colour display, this Handset has an intuitive graphical interface, polyphonic ringtones, and supports CAT- iq/G.722 wideband audio for outstanding call clarity. The handset can be used handsfree, and supports headset use. Up to 30 Handsets are supported per i-Serv BaseStation, for a total of 200 users – with roaming inter-cell call handover.

Ordering Code:
8630HS Wideband Audio (G.722), 2’’ TFT colour display (176x220x262k) with graphical user interface. 200 hours standby and 18 hours talktime. Up to 200 Handsets can be registered to one i-Sev system – 30 Handsets per BaseStation.


• 2’’ TFT display with graphical user inter face
• G.722 wideband audio
• GAP and CAT-iq compliant
• Polyphonic ringtones
• Phonebook with 20 0/10 0 central/local entries
• Headset connector for handsfree calling
• Wideband 2-way speakerphone
• Over-the-air sof t ware upgrade
• Standby time and talk time: 200/18 hours

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