How to Configure 2N Helios IP with 3CX Phone System Version 11

How to Configure 2N Helios IP with 3CX Phone System Version 11

The 2N® Helios IP can be easily integrated with 3CX Phone System version 11, the IP PBX for Windows. 2N® Helios IP operates as a SIP subscriber and can stream its video to an IP Video Phone. 2N® Helios IP products fully integrate into a 3CX environment with no additional equipment is needed, only a few settings that are easy to configure.

Tested versions:

3CX VoIP server version 11
3CX VoIP client version 6.0.26523.0
2N® Helios IP version
Compatibility test:

Audio call
Video call
DTMF transfer
1. Your first step is to create the extension for your 2N® Helios IP product in 3CX. In case you usually use the plug-and-play method of provisioning and need a quick refresher on creating an extension in 3CX, the necessary fields are outlined in red below. Click on “Add Extension” on the top bar. In the “General” tab, you need to fill in “Extension Number” in “User Information”
and “ID” and “Password” in “Authentication.” 3CX automatically generates strong passwords in the latest Service Pack of Version 11, so you can keep the one which was automatically generated if you like. Click “OK” or “Apply” to save changes.


2. Now that 3CX is ready to receive the registration of a new extension, we need to put the correct credentials in the 2N® Helios IP unit. Access the Web Interface of your 2N® Helios IP unit by putting its IP address into your favorite web browser and using the default user name “admin” and password “2n”. Click on “Advanced Settings” and “SIP Settings” to enter the “User ID” and “Password” with the “ID” and “Password” 3CX is expecting. Make sure to enter the IP address of your 3CX server in the “Proxy Address” and “Registrar Address,” and change the default port from 5060 if you are using a different port.


3. To enable the video go to the section “Advanced Settings”, click on “Video Codecs” and select codec H.263 as the first choice, then disable the rest, as shown below.


4. To verify that your 2N® Helios IP product is registered with 3CX, go to the “Information” tab in the 2N® Helios IP web interface or check the “Extension Status” in the 3CX management console.

Congratulations, you have successfully configured your 2N® Helios IP intercom with your 3CX Phone System!

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