Dovado Tiny AC Universal Access Router – Connecting You To All Things Broadband

Dovado Tiny AC Universal Access Router – Connecting You To All Things Broadband


The Dovado Tiny AC is the first device of its class; a Universal Access Router. It offers customers the flexibility of connecting to any source of broadband Internet; be it fixed, mobile or WiFi. From there, the router can distribute the connection to a multitude of devices over WiFi along with Gigabit Ethernet. Using the new SpotBoostTM feature, the Dovado Tiny AC can scan for neighbouring WiFi networks to connect to as a source of Internet access. On the mobile broadband side, the Dovado Tiny AC supports approximately 300 different models of USB modems as well as mobile hotspots for 4G/3G, shuttling blazing speeds of up to 300Mbps from the 4G/LTE mobile network.

As a wireless router, the Dovado Tiny AC incorporates the very latest standard in WiFi; 802.11ac, with dual-band radio (2.4 & 5GHz bands). It is therefore equipped to provide speeds that double/triple the current 2.4GHz radio standard (802.11n), resulting in a quality and experience resembling a wired Ethernet connection. Should the primary Internet source fail, the router can automatically redirect the Internet traffic through a secondary/tertiary interface. For example, if the home ADSL connection were to suffer a downtime, a quick resolution would be for the Tiny AC to tether wirelessly (via SpotBoostTM) to a smartphone running personal hotspot functionality. As soon as the ADSL is back online, the Dovado Tiny AC router will automatically restore the original traffic flow through the Ethernet WAN port.

The Dovado Tiny AC contains single Gigabit Ethernet LAN and WAN ports for local wired connectivity, along with fixed broadband access. It also comes with a detachable dual-band WiFi antenna on the exterior, and a single-band (2.4GHz) WiFi antenna on the interior, totalling 300Mbps on the 2.4GHz range and 433Mbps on the 5GHz; which is also referred to as “AC750”.

“With Universal Access, the ability for our customers to connect to any form of broadband simply sees no limit. We have always held the highest standard when it comes to supporting the very latest and greatest mobile broadband modems for 4G/3G at full speed, but with the inclusion of SpotBoostTM, customers will be able to boost their use of a neighbouring hotspot.

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