Did you want a sleek looking Wireless headset?

Did you want a sleek looking Wireless headset?

Plantronics cs540

Did you want a sleek looking Wireless headset which not only impeccable voice quality but is extremely smart when placed next to your deskphone.

CS540 has numerous ways that it can be adjusted so that the microphone is close to your mouth. It comes with 3 hooks to hook around your ear with one size removable earpiece. The device is very impressive in its charging capability as it charges very fast and comes with all of the necessary cords. The CS540 base unit is smaller, has more visible indicator lights, improved switches, and is compatible with the handset lifter.

The unit comes with a multi-language foldout that is adequate for the initial connection to a desk phone. Complete manual is available online as well, advanced switches for wide-narrow band radio settings, and headset pairing can sometime be tricky to understand but despite that, a new user can easily figure it out well enough that he needs no more than 10 minutes from the time the box is opened to when all is done with installation and setup !!!

The CS540 can be used over-the-ear or over-the-head, but the lightweight earpiece works very well whilst resting on the user’s ear. The mic boom is slightly adjustable toward user’s mouth, and easily adjustable up and down. So finding a comfortable position is easier than the earlier generation Plantronics headset models. The CS540 sound quality adjustment switches are much easier to understand and use than the older model. Switches require minimal adjustment from the factory settings. One should not be surprised if you forget that you are wearing a headset, it’s so lightweight !!! If you spend a lot of time on conference calls I can recommend the CS540 as well worth the extra cost

It delivers outstanding sound quality with ZERO complaints from others about my voice quality. Clarity is great and the range is incredible !!

In my attempt to test its limits, I experimented with the range and was delighted to experience a great clarity 300+ feet away from the Plantronics base. To my surprise, The device was still connecting to the base even when I stepped outside with no noticeable loss of signals !!! The CS540 is a very well made device.
A call to Plantronics 1-800 number is a quick way to get the settings correct, followed by a call to someone willing to answer your questions about “how does this sound?”

Great product, worth every penny!!!

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