Attention Calling Card Providers – How to Offer Services for Smartphones

Attention Calling Card Providers – How to Offer Services for Smartphones

IPsmarx has the latest technology and features that enable you to easily profit from this permanent trend, we thought you’d like to see how our solutions work.

At the core of our solutions is our Award-winning Calling Card Platform. You can view a video that describes how our solution works here:
Once you implement the calling card solution, you can easily add PINless and Breeze, our VoIP application for smartphones, like the iPhone and Android!

Today, it’s easy to enjoy the convenience of a pre-paid smartphone —
• No credit check
• No long-term contracts
• No contract required at all (cash and carry)!
• Cancel service any time
• Pay your service by credit card, debit card, even in cash

These pre-paid smartphones are perfect for the average calling card buyer!
And business is good because last year four new carriers, Virgin Mobile, T-Mobile, Cricket (Leap Wireless), and Boost Mobile (Sprint Nextel), entered the market with their own pre-paid smartphones too.
Calling card customers are buying smartphones because they’re a better value than traditional cell phones and more convenient than a landline: It’s phone, a camera, video camera, voice recorder, it has games, GPS, email, Facebook, and a computer they can carry in their pocket to stay connected with friends and family around the world, while on vacation, at home, or at work.
Find Out How to Profit From the Newest and Biggest Calling Card Trend Today
Click here to view a video on how our Calling Card Solution works!
Are YOU keeping up? What are you doing to stay in front of industry leading trends?
The answer is simple. Speak with an IPsmarx consultant and learn how to use Breeze, the VoIP solution for smartphones.
If you want to continue to thrive as a Calling Card Provider, you need to understand how Breeze and the smartphone trend directly affect your business. With IPsmarx’s help you’ll master the ins and outs of this new phenomenon and put yourself on the cutting edge of the calling card industry.

Call 1300 794 009 and schedule a no-obligation phone consultation while you’re thinking about it.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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