Astaro Compliance Reporter Overview:

Astaro Compliance Reporter Overview:

What does it do?

The Astaro Compliance Reporter for PCI is an automated service which allows organizations, operating under Payment Card Industry (PCI) regulation, to easily conduct a formal risk assessment as required by the PCI Data Security Standard.

Astaro Compliance Reporter for PCI features:

•Effective Evaluation – Upon completion of the easy-to-use “Turbo-Tax” style questionnaire, a baseline assessment will be created.
•On-Demand Reports – Create comprehensive and accurate compliance reports to meet your requirements for board meetings, audits, insurance reviews or any other regulatory need.
•Automated Updates – Ensure continual compliance through monthly program updates, meeting the ever-changing requirements of various federal regulations.
•Security Log Data – Use IPS and anti Virus incident reports from Astaro Web Gateway to verify the integrity of established system and information policies and procedures.
Why should you use it?

Compliance regulations are inconveniently documented in over thousands of pages of material. The automated service offered by the Astaro Compliance Reporter for PCI eliminates the need for further employee training or the enlistment of external consultants for the specific purpose of compliance. As annual risk assessments are mandatory under the PCI regulations, this service ensures continual compliance, also taking the ever-changing regulations into account.

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