Air Traffic Control For Your Network

Air Traffic Control For Your Network

Every organization needs wireless networking, but existing solutions either lack important functionality or are difficult to manage. Astaro Wireless Security is a new approach that dramatically simplifies the operation of secure and reliable wireless networks. With Astaro Security Gateway’s built-in wireless controller, our access points are cost-effective and require no manual configuration, redefining wireless networking.

SimplePlug & Play Deployment
Plug the access point to anywhere in your network, it will then show up in Astaro Security Gateway automatically.

Central Management
Monitor and manage all APs and wireless clients centrally through the built-in wireless controller of ASG.

SecureIntegrated Security
Instantly protect your APs and wireless clients through complete UTM security provided by the central ASG.

Strong Encryption
Support of state-of-the-art wireless authentication ensures the wireless connection is as secure as it gets.

AccessiblePlacement Choice
All access points can be placed anywhere in the organization and their wireless signal will cover the whole office.

Guest Internet Access
Easily set up wireless guest Internet access without the risk of compromising the integrity of your network.

Astaro Wireless Security 2-Minute Explainer
This short video can be shared with prospects to help illustrate the features and benefits of Astaro Wireless Security.

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