3CX to Support snom Desktop SIP Phones

3CX to Support snom Desktop SIP Phones

3CX and snom, a pioneering developer and manufacturer of SIP telephones, announced a strategic partnership to provide increased flexibility for organizations using snom phones with 3CX Phone System. snom phones are easy to deploy as they are fully supported for plug and play provisioning. This partnership provides customers with a complete PBX solution.

We are happy to announce that 3CX have re-established partnership with snom and will be fully supporting the snom line of desktop phones, including the 320, 360, 370, 7xx, and 8xx series – for use with 3CX Phone System.

snom are a market leader in producing quality VoIP telephones and after a re-alignment of their business goals and priorities, we feel there is a good fit for a strategic cooperation between 3CX and snom. A more detailed press release will be issued in the coming weeks.

As a first step, Service Pack 2 for 3CX Phone System 11 now allows snom phones to be configured using the Plug and Play feature (requires firmware version

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