3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 2

3CX Phone System 11 Service Pack 2

3CX is pleased to announce the release of Service Pack 2, build 27588.780 for 3CX Phone System 11.

This service pack fixes several issues and also adds new features such as support for Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, and an all new IP Whitelist for the Anti-Hacking module.

To download this update, simply login to the 3CX Windows Management Console from Start > All Programs > 3CX Phone System > Windows Management Console and navigate to the 3CX Phone System Updates node > 3CX Service Packs / Updates.

Note: Users running previous Beta versions of 3CX Phone System Version 11 should not update to service pack 1 or 2 via the service pack update. For versions prior to build 26364.600, a full uninstall and re-install is required.

New Features
New: Added support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012. Previous releases of 3CX Phone System are unsupported on Windows 8 / Server 2012, and thus a new installation of SP2 is required on these OS.
New: Added support for Exchange Server 2013. For more information on configuring an Exchange Server 2013, review this blog post.
New: IP Whitelist for the Anti-Hacking module.
New: Blacklist is checked for WEB requests. When someone tries to connect to the web 3CX Management Console, 3CX MyPhone or provision a phone from a blacklisted IP, the request will be blocked, and the administrator is notified (if notifications are enabled).
New: Added support for the latest Cisco SPA 514G and 525G2 phones with the latest firmware. Please note, phones running firmware 7.4.9b need to be updated to version 7.5.2b before being upgraded to version 7.5.3. This applies to all Cisco phones.
New: SNOM can now be configured using Plug and Play. SNOM is now supported from the firmware version We now offer support for the SNOM 7 Series.
3CX MyPhone

Update: The Active Calls section in 3CX MyPhone has been redesigned. Users can only see their own calls by default. If allowed, they can see the calls to users in their group. The management group still sees everything.
Update: Conference calendar request (.ics) notifications are now sent even when the email server requires authentication.
Update: Dashes and () are stripped when an external conference number is added to the conference.
Fixed: A bug in 3CX MyPhone when adding callers which are on hold to a conference.
Fixed: The audio issues when creating conferences in 3CX MyPhone have been fixed.
Fixed: The bug which caused the Microsoft Outlook plugin to not create journal entries for incoming calls
Fixed: The organizer’s email address is now stored correctly when scheduling conference calls.
Fixed: The organizer of a conference is now informed when a user has accepted or declined the conference invitation and details are correctly retrieved from the calendar.
Fixed: When changing the language to Portuguese, 3CX MyPhone now loads in Portuguese.
3CX Phone System Server

Update: 3CX Phone System User Agent string now contains the version number.
Update: Added G729 Support for Patton Gateway Templates BRI devices which has fixed the audio issues.
Fixed: Caller ID is not retained when call is diverted (using 302 diversion header).
Fixed: Bug in 302 diversion header – Diversion header contents are now enclosed in <>
Fixed: Crash of 3CX Phone System caused by incorrectly configured Outbound Rules.
Fixed: Exception in Call History service when an email is sent to an invalid address.
IP Phone, PSTN Gateway and VoIP Provider Interoperability

New: Grandstream HT 701, 702, and 704 templates have been added to main 3CX Phone System installer.
Update: Firmware auto-provisioning is removed in Grandstream templates.
3CX Web Reports

Update: Ring group reports have been moved to Advanced Call Reports.
Update: In the extension statistics, a limit of 10,000 call records has been hard coded which has sped up the report.
Fixed: Call Logs are properly generated on Italian language operating systems.
Fixed: Calls that breach SLA time are now shown correctly.
Fixed: Bug where the SLA breach time was not being observed and all calls where marked as breaching SLA.
3CX Management Console (Interface)

Update: Outbound rules page now shows the Extension Groups in the summary page.
Update: Added exception in the Windows Firewall for the 3CX Windows Management Console. This is required for the 3CX Firewall Checker.
Update: Moved configuration of the Billing Information from the top menu bar to the Advanced page.
Update: Server Activity Log now indicates when a packet is dropped because of a hacking attempt.
Update: Email notification sent to a 3CX Administrator or Operator extension when the 3CX Upgrade Insurance is about to expire.
Update: Improved general speed of Windows-based 3CX Management Console.
Update: Tagged license messages in the Server Activity Log.
Update: The size of the Abyss webserver log file has been minimalised as the file is now backed up and recreated.
Fixed: Service pack updating fails when Microsoft Management Console (MMC) is running on the computer.
Fixed: Provisioning of 3CXPhone for Windows, iPhone, and Android now sets the STUN server to the Public IP address of 3CX Phone System. (Note: Public IP Address needs to be configured).
Fixed: The 3CX VAD integration when text to speech project is deployed with characters containing an accent.
Fixed: IP blacklisted entries not completely removed causing a delay and high CPU usage on incoming calls.
Fixed: Crash in the Server Activity Log when logs are viewed in Google Chrome.
Fixed: There will no longer be any blank pages within the Server Activity Log.
Fixed: Log files were not being moved to backup folder and remained in the Logs folder. As a result this made the 3CX Management Console very slow and affected also the general performance of the computer.
Update: The 3CX Server Activity Log now shows INVITE and RE-INVITE SIP messages. These can be seen when Verbose is enabled.
3CX Log Viewer

Update: Gradual opening of logs to avoid high CPU usage.
Fixed: Various memory leaks.
3CX Backup and Restore

Fixed: The crash that occurs on Russian language Windows Operating Systems.
Fixed: Exception in 3CX Backup and Restore when a backup is made whilst a recording or a voicemail is in progress.
Fixed: 3CX Backup and Restore will now backup recordings when recordings path is not the default directory.
Fixed: The restore procedure will create recordings file structure in case it does not exist.
Download 3CX Phone System 11 with Service Pack 2

You can download the full installation of 3CX Phone System Version 11 here.
The administration manual can be found here (PDF).
The 3CX Extension user manual is web based and can be found here.
Use this V11 Demo Key to activate enterprise features: DC4U-7OL5-4XTG-IUST
3CX has also created the What’s New in 3CX Phone System v11 video which discusses the latest features. This video, along with all other 3CX videos can be viewed on the 3CX Channel on YouTube.
Please post any questions and comments about 3CX Phone System 11 on the 3CX Forums and join the 3CX Community on our Facebook Page.

Users of 3CX Phone System 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are recommended to upgrade to 3CX Phone System 11. If you do not have 3CX Upgrade Insurance and wish to upgrade 3CX Phone System to version 11, click here.

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