3CX Mobile Device Manager Configures, Tracks, and Secures Your Devices

3CX Mobile Device Manager Configures, Tracks, and Secures Your Devices

What is 3CX Mobile Device Manager

3CX Mobile Device Manager is a platform to manage, secure and track your mobile devices. Mobile devices connect to corporate applications and have access to or store confidential corporate data. As mobile devices are used by more and more staff, it is imperative that these devices are managed and controlled.


3CX MDM secures your mobile devices by:

Enforcing a strong password policy
Remote locking phones when they are being misused
Wiping corporate data off phones when they are lost or the employee leaves the
Furthermore, Mobile Device Management allows administrators to monitor for rogue / malware apps being installed on phones which could compromise corporate data. Also, with GPS and WiFi tracking, you can retrieve a lost or stolen device.

Monitor Data Usage & Calls

MDM also helps companies monitor data usage and call costs. If employees aren’t using their bandwidth to the full or are using too much, the company can change the data-plan accordingly. Likewise, detailed call logs show administrators whether employees are making too many unnecessary calls. With this information, companies can reduce time employees waste as well as
their phone bills.

App Deployment

MDM helps companies manage the applications on the devices. By remotely installing apps, companies avoid the hassle of having to manually install them, which can take a lot of time, especially if employees need assistance. Applications that connect to confidential company databases that companies don’t want to be made public, can be deployed without needing Google Play or Apple Appstore, which can be a time intensive task.

Reports show which apps are installed on each device, allowing easy monitoring for malware or inappropriate apps that waste company time, bandwidth or open up a company to legal issues. The version of approved apps that employees have installed can also be seen in order to ensure apps are all up to date.

Find & Track Devices

Track the routes your staff take to ensure they are using the most efficient routes when visiting customers and send them pinpointed locations via Google Maps. In case a phone is lost or stolen, it can be located.

The 3CX MDM console allows you to see the location of registered devices over time. For example, one device traveled between Buffalo and Albany over the weekend.
Platform Independent

3CX MDM is platform independent. It works with Android smartphones and tablets, iOS based devices such as iphone and ipads and soon Windows 7/8 devices and soon Windows 8 phones. Platform independence is crucial as few companies use just one type of device.

Cost of Manually Managing Devices in Business

Manually managing mobile devices is not an option. According to Gartner, companies spend on average $2,500.00 per year manually managing a single device. UK Internet Service Provider, Timico, conducted a survey which showed that 42.5% of companies in the UK spent up to 5 hours each day manually managing mobile devices. 14% of these companies spend one working day per week managing their devices.

ComputerWorld stated that a recent study revealed two out of three companies are struggling in terms of not only defining but enforcing IT and business policies around mobile devices. The study also showed that 28% of companies surveyed reported a data breach because of a mobile device. The conclusion is that mobile device management is the best way to centrally secure and manage mobile devices.

Editions Available

3CX Mobile Device Manager is available as either a hosted or an on site edition.

Hosted Version

3CX Mobile Device Manager is available in a hosted edition which allows you to manage your devices in the cloud. You will pay a six or twelve month subscription fee based on the number of devices that you are managing. This includes support, maintenance, and system upgrades.

The hosted edition of 3CX MDM offers:

Support from 5 to 5000 devices
Fully redundant data centers
High availability (HA)
Easy to deploy
No significant investment
All software maintenance is handled by 3CX
On-site Version

3CX Mobile Device Manager can be deployed, managed, and maintained completely on-premise. You can choose to use dedicated or virtualized hardware or install it together with other enterprise apps. You will retain full control of the data being collected.

On-site customers purchase a software server license, based on the number of devices being managed. The software license includes one year of software updates. After the first year, you may purchase maintenance which ensures you continue to get free updates to the software.

The On-site version:

Is designed to run on virtual or non dedicated environments.
Is Windows based, therefore easy to manage.
Has a .NET, SQL architecture
Scales to support up to 100,000+ devices
Tight integration with enterprise services
Allows complete control over hardware and software
Allows full control of corporate data, no data is transferred off-site
Will be available in June 2013

Hosted 3CX Mobile Device Manager Max Devices
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 10 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M10 10
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 10 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M10 10
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 25 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M25 25
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 25 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M25 25
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 50 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M50 50
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 50 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M50 50
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 100 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M100 100
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 100 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M100 100
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 250 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M250 250
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 250 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M250 250
3CX MDM Hosted 6 Months 500 Devices – 3CXMDMH6M500 500
3CX MDM Hosted 12 Months 500 Devices – 3CXMDMH12M500 500

On-site 3CX Mobile Device Manager Max Devices
3CX MDM Premise 50 Devices – 3CXMDMS50 50
3CX MDM Premise 100 Devices – 3CXMDMS100 100
3CX MDM Premise 250 Devices – 3CXMDMS250 250
3CX MDM Premise 500 Devices – 3CXMDMS500 500
3CX MDM Premise 1000 Devices – 3CXMDMS1000 1,000
3CX MDM Premise 2500 Devices – 3CXMDMS2500 2,500
3CX MDM Premise 5000 Devices – 3CXMDMS5000 5,000
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