3 Ways Patton Gateways Help Win 3CX Business

3 Ways Patton Gateways Help Win 3CX Business

For today’s small and medium businesses, implementing a software based Business Telephone System (or “IP-PBX”) – like the 3CX Phone System for Windows – offers many benefits over traditional systems including:

Cost Savings
Easier Management
Robust Feature Sets
Enhanced Worker Productivity
Yet for many businesses, a complete overhaul of their existing telephony infrastructure may not initially be the most desirable approach; there may be concerns with trusting a new unfamiliar VoIP service provider, or there may be concerns over the initial capital necessary for purchasing new VoIP equipment, or even reliability concerns regarding the data connectivity necessary for VoIP calling

To the client, all these concerns are valid – and need to be addressed – or you potentially risk not winning the business. So how do you approach these situations?

The solution is to utilize Patton SmartNode VoIP Gateways in conjunction with the 3CX Phone System to overcome these challenges! Here’s how:

3 Ways Patton Gateways Help Win 3CX Business

**As a bonus** – at the end of this article is a video of a webinar presented by representatives from both Patton and 3CX who explain each scenario in further detail. Also, please contact us here at 888VoIP – and we can help you identify ways to win more business by offering proven solutions to your clients.

1.) Give Your Clients Confidence by Connecting to Existing PSTN Telephone Lines

Sometimes potential customers may not be prepared to commit 100% to VoIP telephone service (i.e. using only SIP Trunks for dial-tone) right off the bat. Offering Patton’s SmartNode Gateways in conjunction with 3CX gives you the ability to provide the benefits of a software-based IP PBX while allowing them to continue to use their trusted PSTN lines and existing telephony service provider as they slowly migrate and ‘test’ the quality of VoIP service.

2.) Save Clients Money by Utilizing Legacy Equipment

Sometimes it may be advantageous to utilize legacy analog telephones, fax machines, or overhead paging speakers rather than replacing every single end-point with a brand new IP device all at once. The SmartNode Gateway can connect analog phones and other equipment to your 3CX phone system allowing your clients to migrate to IP at their pace as funds become available. Sometimes this will help you win a deal over your competition, when it shows that you are conscious of saving your clients money where and when you can!

3.) Offer Reliability through Survivability

Ensure business telephony continuity by setting up your clients VoIP Phone network with survivability. A SmartNode VoIP Gateway can be used to fallback to the PSTN in the case where your Internet Telephony Service Provider goes down or if you lose internet connectivity.

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