What is a Complete Data Protection Solution?

What is a Complete Data Protection Solution?

Online PC Backup for your hard drive, software, and all documents and files is not only beneficial for your data protection it is also mandatory. Having a second location for your mission critical data is important in the event of a disaster where all information is stolen of lost. If you back up properly, all of your mission critical data should be able to recovery back to you for your immediate return to normal business routines.


It is also important to keep your data both on and off site for complete data protection. An online data backup solution allows you to backup directly from your PC to a protected offsite data facility. Once your scheduled or automatic backup is run behind the scenes of your computer, all data is encrypted before it travels offsite. This ensures that there is no data tampering when the data is in route or stored offsite.


Archiving PC data is a secondary backup solution which removes outdated information off of your server to an offsite location. Much similar to online data backup, records of all corporate data must be kept in order to remain compliant with governmental regulations. It is also important to keep data for recovery in the event of a disaster. Both data archiving and message archiving allows the user to transfer data from their PC directly to a data protection offsite facility. All data is encrypted before it is sent offsite, and categorized into searchable composites.

Disaster Recovery
For data protection it is also important to have a disaster recovery option which allows you to restore any backed up or archived data to any location, at any time. Differentiating your mission critical information from older, outdated data allows for faster recovery time with only the information that you need to keep your daily business operations up and running. Archived data and messages are stored in a single repository which is easily searchable and retrievable in the event of investigations or litigations.

Piece of Mind Solution
With a completely protected data backup solution you have nothing to worry about if a natural disaster strikes, a computer crashes, or you are a victim of theft. Being completely protected allows your business to run just as effectively as it did prior to any damages. Make sure your disaster recovery plan includes all aspects on data protection.


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