Public vs. Private Clouds for Data Storage

Public vs. Private Clouds for Data Storage

The idea of transferring corporate data storage and software operations to the cloud is a beneficial concept for corporations of all sizes. The cloud is a place for all your data storage and software where it can conveniently reside until it needs to be recovered anytime or anyplace. However there are some concerns about having all your mission critical information accessible over the web.

Data Storage Security Concerns
Security and protection, privacy and compliance regulations are all important issues to keep in mind while exploring public and private cloud options for data storage. Public clouds such as Gmail or Dropbox are free to users and offer a small amount of web space for data storage. They are convenient for smaller companies or individual users, however since your private account is hosted on a public server, information can be easily accessible to alternative users.

Hosting your information on a public cloud leaves your data susceptible to internal and external threats. There is no additional protection other than your user name and password which is only a thin wall of protection against hackers or viruses.
Data Storage and Private Clouds
Private clouds are hosted data storage services offered to users data storageat low monthly prices. These clouds are both secure and protect your data storage with more than just a password. Whether you choose to backup, archive, or both all data is encrypted before is it transported through the cloud. The encryption information in a private cloud is stored at a private facility where is it protected 24/7. Even if someone had the ability to access this information offsite, it would be impossible to read stored files without an encryption key, which is only in your possession.

Following strict regulatory compliances is another reason to take into consideration when choosing a public or private cloud option for data storage. If information can be accessed publicly there is a greater possibility of unwanted temperament. This could lead to deeper investigations or even more frequent governmental monitoring.

Although public vs. private data storage options can also be a matter of free vs. paid services, you must also take into consideration the privacy and security you receive for both data storage options. As benefits are realized more businesses will continue to migrate to the cloud and both public and private options will be adopted accordingly.


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