Why your business should start using a MESH WiFi network today?

Why your business should start using a MESH WiFi network today?

What on Earth is MESH?

MESH networking is an application of WiFi networking that can help improve wireless connectivity in your business. It works on a simple principle; instead of having a single central wireless router, you use several WiFi access points, or “nodes” to create an inter-connected network throughout your business. This prevents WiFi “dead zones” in your home or office and can also help to decrease downtime of your wireless network, allowing you to stay connected at all times.

How easy is MESH to use?

If your home or office is too large for a single router to cover, you no doubt have at least one WiFi extender to improve your coverage. Most MESH systems are simply plug and play – as easy as installing your WiFi router and extenders. MESH points are similar in cost to quality WiFi extenders and instructions and help services come with every MESH product. The other benefit of using a MESH network in your office is that the network appears as a single WiFi connection on your computer or smartphone – no more swapping from the router to the WiFi extender when you move from your office to the conference room!

How will my business benefit from MESH networking?

In today’s web-based world, nothing kills productivity quite like internet or connectivity problems. The last thing you or your employees need as you’re about to send off an important file or start a webcam conference is connectivity issues. Since each MESH node is connected to other nodes as well as the router, MESH networks are often able to take up some slack when a node goes down. This decreases WiFi downtime in your office, helping you to meet your goals and stay connected to your clients. MESH networks are easy to expand as well, so if your business spreads its wings you can simply add more nodes to your existing network.

If your business relies on wireless networking to deliver its services, MESH networking can help you to improve connectivity and decrease downtime.

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