What are MESH Networks and do I need one?

What are MESH Networks and do I need one?

MESH networks spread a network across a large area. In some instances, MESH networks can easily and effectively connect an entire city using affordable technology. This is achieved by spreading the network across several wireless nodes that communicate with each other. These small nodes function in the same way as a radio transmitter, helping communicate with both the user and each other.

This technology is not a recent breakthrough, the military, universities, and hospitals have all used this type of wireless network in the past, but lately there has been a boost in MESH networking for the consumer market. These consumer-friendly MESH networks promise to give you more WiFi coverage and put an end to your connection issues at home. So, if your home connection keeps dropping out, should you invest in mesh networking?

The answer to this largely depends on your house. The bigger your house, the more you will benefit from a MESH network. In fact, most MESH manufacturers recommend you have a home between 2,000 and 4,500 square feet to get the full use out of their products. A mesh network is also great for houses built with brick walls that can block WiFi signals, or for houses with an odd shape that forbids a centralized WiFi router. In addition, the typical price of a home mesh network bundle costs around $500, so it is a sizeable investment and should not be taken lightly.

For the rest of us, a MESH network will be overkill for your house if it is under 2,000 square feet. If signal is an issue in your house then you could either consider the position of your WiFi router or, if that is not an issue or it can’t be moved, then you should get a WiFi extender. While the nodes of a MESH network communicate with each other to create an extended space of coverage, a WiFi extender creates a single new access point and is unaware of anything else on the network. This option is cheaper and increases the range of your WiFi router, so it may suit the smaller house more than a MESH network.

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