Should I switch to MESH or Grab a WiFi extender?

Should I switch to MESH or Grab a WiFi extender?

In mid 2017, there may be something on your mind – MESH. If you’re sick of those WiFi dead spots, you might have heard that the answer is a MESH network. But even though the cost is going down, it’s still dollars that could be in your pocket rather than on an innovative new product that solves your WiFi headache.

So should you upgrade? Or should you go with the latest WiFi extender instead?

Some who have switched to MESH will be unequivocal, declaring that you should definitely follow suit.

But first, consider this: can you get away with simply using a WiFi extender? Let’s say you need that boosted signal for your mobile around the house. With an extender, you might not actually solve the problem, because you’re moving around rather than staying close to that extended signal point.

However, if it’s something like a TV or a desktop computer or an Xbox that you need the signal for, a WiFi extender could do the job brilliantly well because the signal you need is static.

Another thing to consider is that your existing router might simply be getting old, and simply replacing it like-for-like could be the cheapest solution.

But if that’s not the case, you still shouldn’t dismiss the option of buying a WiFi extender just because there are fancier options out there on the market.

You might not know that the latest WiFi extenders:

… are fancy

Whereas in the past, you might be losing too much through adding a simple WiFi extender, these days A, B, G, N and AC technology is all in there.

… are fast

Check out the packaging of that WiFi extender and forget the idea that they’re slow. In many cases, the speeds they support will be well beyond even the capability of your connection or router, including sought-after 5GHz.

… are secure

Don’t fear that the humble WiFi extender opens up your signal to security risks. The technology comes with the latest WPA, meaning that if a user doesn’t have your password, they won’t be able to use your extended signal to get in.

… are handy

That WiFi extender might even become your new best friend, thanks to the ability to add several new Ethernet ports to your setup.

MyITHub knows everything about the latest in MESH technology but also how you can most cost-effectively make WiFi a breeze inside your home and business. To find out more, get in touch today.

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