How to install a MESH Network?

How to install a MESH Network?

Many companies are wary of setting up WiFi networks, changing WiFi systems or even installing wireless networking. The unknown is scary and many avoid keeping up with the times due to a lack of information on the large amount of WiFi networks available.

Educated companies will know that MESH networking is the most appropriate networking in medium to large organisations. MESH networking is commonly a connection of more than one WiFi point that enhances the system. MESH network can also only be one wired node, which the other WiFi spots base themselves off. It’s all about determining the company needs, realising that a MESH network will enhance productivity.

So how do you go about setting up a MESH network?

First off, a company should engage with an expert digital team who are passionate about WiFi and have a pristine reputation. The experts will assist in analysing the areas that need a WiFi connection and the strength of connection that is needed.

It is up to the company to determine where appropriate places are located to install wired connections and where WiFi extenders can go. The experts will be able to provide unique models that are adaptable to any workspace, so it’s all about choosing the right ones.

After the areas are located, the company must decide the type of model that they wish to invest in. Commercial or industrial industries often need coverage in outdoor areas and there are MESH and WiFi routers which are suitable for this.

The company will then need to assess their current (or to be purchased) internet systems. It must run smoothly on the new WiFi installations and some companies may need to reconsider their network, for example; investing in satellites.

Once the company and the experts have worked simultaneously to determine the best location for hubs, the type of MESH model that is most appropriate for their operations and the best network connection, all the experts need to do is install it.

MESH networks are known for their speed and reliability, which are two vital elements for companies to increase productivity, free up resources and stay at the forefront of technology within their industries.
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