How MESH Technology can boost your Wifi coverage?

How MESH Technology can boost your Wifi coverage?

Got that important assignment to submit before the deadline? Finalised a contract and need to send it off to be approved immediately? Doing an online exam for university? Did your wifi just drop out causing you to miss important deadlines?

We all experience these situations from time to time. Whether it’s an important business matter or a final exam for a university degree, it can be frustrating, not to mention financially damaging to have the wifi connection suddenly drop out, ruining your chance to complete your task. So what can we do to prevent situations like this occurring?

Let’s have a look at MESH technology products today and assess how these products can protect your wifi coverage from dropping out.

How does MESH technology work?

MESH technology products protect your wifi from disconnecting from the web by having backup methods in place to keep the internet connectivity running when your standard wifi service randomly drops out.

MESH technology is an application of a wifi network that works on a single principal – by making use of additional nodes it eliminates the dead zones commonly experienced by wifi networks. By removing the dead zones, the additional use of nodes ensures your wifi remains up and running to increase productivity within your business.

MESH technology appears as a single network on your wifi system or iPhone – no more jumping between different networks. Each MESH node is interconnected with the other available nodes, so if one node goes down, the others take up the slack.

Some MESH products that could help you stay connected:

1. Ubiquity Amplify MESH Router

Mesh points with the Amplify Router work in combination to eliminate dead connectivity spots from your business or home space. Super Antenna Technology enforces a superior quality of high networking speeds and stability.

2. Ubiquity Unify Outdoor Mesh Antennas

Easy to access through any standard browser, providing up to 183m long range communications, this powerful high-speed software is great for large office buildings to provide ultimate networking security.

3. Ubiquity High-Density Home Wifi Technology

The ultimate wifi system – turbocharged speeds, advanced antenna technology, and self-configuring radio brings the ultimate in networking coverage security to your home.

When you’re looking for constant internet coverage without the annoying internet crashes, MESH Technology products are one method available for securing your net stability. Featuring easy-to-use, state-of-the-art technology, MESH technology products benefit your work and home internet coverage by utilising several wifi access points instead of just the one standard router modem, which greatly reduces the risk of internet loss and delay times to reconnect.

If your business relies on high-speed stable internet and remaining connected to increase productivity, try a MESH technology solution today to ensure your business operates to maximum potential.

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