5 Reasons to Switch to MESH WiFi

5 Reasons to Switch to MESH WiFi

In the wonderful world of WiFi, MESH is all the rage. In fact, MESH is doing nothing short of revolutionizing WiFi coverage in homes and businesses all over the world in 2017.

Got a big house? Got lots of devices that need bandwidth? Need speedy WiFi on every floor and even in the garden? Sick of buffering? It might be time to make the switch to MESH.

Not convinced? Maybe you want one of the following:

1. Less wires

Before MESH, you may have needed to hard-wire a home hub or a printer into your network. But with a MESH router, just plug straight into a relay and say goodbye to clutter.

2. Large home coverage

Lucky enough to have a whopper of a house? You may, therefore, be unlucky with your WiFi coverage. But with MESH, it just isn’t an issue – whether you’re on the top or the bottom floor. Some systems cover as much as 500 square meters and beyond – and there are systems that do even more.

3. No more buffering

We’ve all been there: with traditional WiFi, an app only half downloads or a video starts to buffer, and we simply switch to mobile data instead. This problem pretty much disappears with MESH technology, whether you’re near the router or not.

4. No more cutting out

Buffering is one thing, but cut outs are worse – and WiFi is notoriously for it, apparently with no explanation. A frustrating reboot of the router usually does the trick, but we all say a little prayer while we’re waiting. Well, welcome to 2017. And in the event of a rare dropout, some MESH systems will even reboot the router for you automatically!

5. Faster videos

Yes, it’s the internet we all have. But it’s video streaming that we really love it for. These days, we’re doing more streaming than TV watching, so what you need is WiFi technology that can keep up with your internet connection, even when multiple bandwidth-hogging devices are all using the signal.

Convinced that a move to MESH is right for you in 2017? MyITHub is where you should be. Get in touch today.

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