Konftel 300wx Wireless IP Conference PhoneSIP Freedom Phones – KONF840101078-IP10

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Konftel 300Wx now provides HD audio via the Konftel IP DECT 10 base station.The wireless conference phone Konftel 300Wx allows you to hold meetings wherever is convenient for you – without worrying about network and power outlets.

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Wireless freedom combined with excellent audio quality. Konftel 300Wx now provides HD audio via the Konftel IP DECT 10 base station. Give your conference calls the full dynamics they deserve.

HD audio provides the best sound possible for a much more natural sounding conference call. Every variation of the voice is heard for a much smoother experience.

You can now have wireless conference calls with HD quality over your VoIP system. The Konftel IP DECT 10 base station connects via SIP and and can have 20 Konftel 300Wxs registered and support up to five simultaneous HD calls.

The Konftel 300Wx can be set up with IP DECT bases from third-party suppliers that Konftel supports, but the Konftel IP DECT 10 gives you unique advantages and makes it easier to get started. Note that firmware release 1.9.3 or later is required for the Konftel 300Wx

Simple registration

The Konftel IP DECT 10 is always in registration mode and ready to register phones. The Konftel 300Wx automatically prompts you to register the phone to the base station if this has not already been completed.

The Konftel 300Wx can show the IP address used by the Konftel IP DECT 10 base station.

Konftel Unite – One Touch Conferencing

Konftel Unite switches the operation of your Konftel unit from the keypad to the screen of a mobile phone or tablet. Start pre-scheduled meetings with one click, call contacts from your personal contact book and control the conference phone’s functions during the meeting.

The Konftel 300Wx supports the app via the optional accessory Konftel Unite adapter

What’s in it for you?

  • The solution supports HD calls over IP
  • Take advantage of the strong audio qualities in your conference phones based on Konftel’s patented OmniSound® technology
  • Simple registration
  • Wireless freedom for your conference calls
  • Support for Konftel Unite app via the Konftel Unite Adapter


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Backlit monochrome LCD, 128 x 64 pixels.
Alphanumeric 0–9, *, call/R, end call, mute, hold, volume up, volume down, 5 buttons for menu navigation, line mode, conference guide
5200 mAh, up to 60 hours of call time/270 hours standby.
AC adapter
100-240 V AC/14 V DC
Konftel charger
Konftel analog DECT base
AC adapter: 100-240 V AC/5 V DC.
DECT 6.0: GAP/CAT-Iq compatible, range of up to 200 m in open areas and up to 50 m indoors. Can be registered with 4 DECT base stations.
2.0 Mini B.
Mobile cable connection
Cable connection RJ11. To connect to a mobile phone, use a mobile phone cable that fits your phone, see accessories.
OmniSound® with support for HD audio, full duplex, automatic echo cancellation and noise suppression.
Omnidirectional 360˚.
Reception area
Up to 12 people (30 m²). With expansion microphones, up to 20 people (70 m²).
2G 200–3300 Hz, 3G 200–7000 Hz, USB 200–7000 Hz.
Max 90 db SPL 0.5 m.
Dark, neutral, bright.
5° – 40°C.
Relative humidity
20 – 80% condensation-free
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