Why companies need to invest in premium headsets

Why companies need to invest in premium headsets

Whether an employee answers the odd phone call, or spends the majority of their day chatting on the phone, a perfectly matched headset will not only reduce stress and fatigue, but can also eliminate ergonomic related injuries.

Using a headset has been proven to improve productivity by up to 43% and there are numerous premium types such as the Bluetooth headset (perfect for mobile phones and while driving), Office Phone Headset, Call Centre Head Set or VoIP Service Providers Wireless Headset For Phone which can be perfectly matched to the required need.

The benefits of switching from a handheld telephone receiver device to a headset include:

An increase in productivity

Headsets free up the hands. This allows the employee to handle documents, type and look for things while speaking. Many high-quality headsets can be Bluetooth enabled, which also allows the employee to walk away from their desk without disrupting a phone call.

The quality of the call

Premium quality headsets, such as those provided by My IT Hub, allows the microphone in the headset to stay in the same position, which eliminates blurred words when the speaker moves their head. Many headsets come with noise-cancelling technology, which allows the user to filter out any loud or irritating background noise and focus primarily on the call and what their respondent is saying. Using a headset minimises the chance of miscommunication or mixed messaging as the message will always be clearly heard.

Safety and postural reassurance

Consistently using a handset has been shown to effect posture. Many people lean their heads to one side to balance it while they are trying to type, or take down call notes. Prolonged leaning and the bad posture associated with using a desk phone headset can lead to ongoing back and neck pain. Experienced physiotherapists and osteopaths often recommend the use of headsets to minimise postural injuries, ultimately saving the company time and resources in the long term.

It is vital for anyone who sits at a desk and is required to use a phone to invest in high-quality headsets. My IT Hub has an extensive range of premium quality headsets that not only improve productivity, but can also eliminate many workplace injuries.

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