What are wireless headsets ?

What are wireless headsets ?

Most people can remember a time in their lives where they tripped over a headset cord at work or became tangled in the cord while trying to cook dinner and talk on the phone simultaneously. Thankfully, wireless technology has cut the inconvenience of cords with its inception of wireless-headsets. So, what exactly is a wireless-headset?

A wireless-headset is exactly as its name describes a headset without a wire (or cord). Wireless-headsets possess a capability that many cord headsets did not in being able to connect to multiple devices simultaneously such as a smartphone, stereo system, computer or even a CRM system. The headsets are popular in office environments such as call centres and are also used in industries such as construction, where hands are often consistently occupied and it is difficult to balance a headset or phone.

Contemporary wireless-headsets that are at the forefront of technology innovation such as the Plantronics CS540 Convertible Dect Wireless Headset or the Plantronics B235 Voyager Legend transmit audio signals through infrared or radio signals. Wireless-headsets ‘pair’ or connect with the desired device and many personal devices connect via Bluetooth technology.

Wireless-headsets that are being used for professional reasons primarily connect through infrared signals. This is because the signals are stronger and more reliable than Bluetooth technology. Companies are opting to use the latest in wireless-headset technology due to the astounding amount of benefits listed below.

An increase in productivity

Wireless-headsets free up the users hands to use a computer, take notes, or in some cases (if using a device such as the Plantronics Voyager Edge Bluetooth Headset (Black) with A2DP, Voice-Answer and Travel Battery Charging Case) drive a vehicle. Wireless-headsets also allow the user to stay mobile, which prevents them having to hold the call when looking for answers that aren’t in arms reach. The best wireless-headsets can transmit up to 350ft from the phone base. The latest in wireless-headset technology also means that calls can be taken and disconnected when the user is not at their desk, ultimately increasing productivity.


As the headset microphone is positioned in the same spot for every call and can’t move around, the user’s voice will always remain clear and consistent. The latest wireless-headsets come with noise cancelling technology that prevent the user from being distracted by other factors and also allows them to hear more clearly, ensuring they pick up all vital information that is being spoken about.


No one wants to be tangled in a cord, and wireless-headsets eliminate this problem. Wireless-headsets prevent the user from damaging their posture by leaning their head to the side (cradling a phone on the neck) and they also allow the user to move around and exercise which not only increases blood flow, but is also great for general health and wellbeing.

Anyone who is using a wireless-headset regularly will swear by the benefit of the technology. It is essential to invest in quality wireless-headsets that contain the latest innovations such as those by My IT Hub, to ensure not only longevity, but to increase general happiness when using a headset.

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