What are wired headsets?

What are wired headsets?

Whether you are a professional on the road, in an office or call centre, you’ve no doubt had the need for a headset at some point. With the rise of the internet and technological innovations such as smartphones, we as a society are constantly connected to one another, with increasing expectations of greater communications wherever you are. With this expectation comes an increased need for technology to facilitate these conversations.

One option you might consider is the wired headset. But what exactly are they?

A wired headset is precisely what you might expect, a headset that is connected to your computer, smartphone or desk phone via a cable or wire. A headset essentially brings together a microphone and headphones to allow easy, hands-free conversations. Headsets are made with either a single or a double earpiece, depending on the user’s preference. Headsets are ideal for anyone looking to have a hands-free conversation, or in a communication-intensive job which requires a high volume of calls to be made each day.

What should you look for in a wired headset?

1. Performance

An important requirement of a headset, particularly one that will be used all day and in interactions with customers, is performance. This includes high audio and microphone sound quality. To ensure the best customer and user experience, having high-quality sound being received and sent allows an easy-flowing conversation.

2. Durability

With headsets being worn all day, every day and often being taken on and off as the user goes to make a cup of tea, or take a break, wear and tear is high. It is important to understand the durability of the wired headset you are purchasing by reading user and tech reviews. You might also want to consider whether the manufacturer offers a warranty. Often, the big players will offer a 2-year warranty to guarantee the durability of their product.

3. Comfort

The comfort of a headset will be a combination of the band, microphone placement and the ear cups. You might consider whether the band is padded and whether the size can be easily adjusted. Questions you might ask include: Is the headband an ‘over the head’ solution, or does it go over the back of the user’s neck? Perhaps users are looking to wear them over the ear with a soft ear hook? The ergonomics of the headset solution should be considered when weighing up the purchase, particularly with the appropriateness of the solution with regards to usability in mind.

When considering ear cups these might be foam, or for greater user comfort, leather padded ear cups.

4. Increased productivity

Headsets can increase the productivity of your staff significantly. They allow automatic dialling from the computer or phone, the ability to type with two hands whilst on a call, and increased ergonomic comfort. The most exciting development in headsets is their noise-cancelling quality. This technology benefits both the user and the customer as it removes background noise and allows a clear conversation, void of distracting background noise. Thus, increasing the quality of the call and the productivity of your staff. It is worth considering whether your staff will benefit from having a noise cancelling headset, and which wired headsets offer that technology.

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