What are the different types of Wireless Headsets?

What are the different types of Wireless Headsets?

Wireless headsets make communication far simpler if you lead a fast paced, mobile lifestyle. There is a wide range of wireless headsets to choose from, depending on what features you prefer. From voice activated technology to noise-cancelling microphones and conferencing adaptability to high definition sound, these are just some of the many features available. You can purchase wireless headsets that can pair with a single device, such as your desk phone, through to those offering multi-functionality with the capability to also connect with your mobile phone and your computer.

To help you decide on which wireless headsets are suitable for your needs, we’ve listed the different types below:

Headsets for desk phones

Headsets for desk phones are ideal if you’re juggling several calls at once or are away from your desk a lot during the day. There are numerous different models which offer features such as one touch call answering, high definition voice quality and varying ranges of roaming distances. Here are some of the alternatives to choose from:

Headsets for desk phones and mobile phones

If you regularly move between your office, car and home, a headset that enables you to switch from your office desk to your mobile is ideal. It’s a great accessory to have when you’re navigating traffic or multitasking on the go. Models offer innovative features such as smart sensor technology, letting you answer calls by placing it to your ear and wind protection technology. Check out some of the many options available:

Headsets for desk phones and computers

For those requiring access to their desk phone and computer to manage tasks, a headset that’s synchronized to both is ideal. From long distance wireless range to built in call handling, you’ll be impressed by the functionality. These are some of the many alternatives:

Headsets for desk phones, computers, and mobile phones

Headsets that connect to your desk phone, computer and mobile are the most versatile when it comes to functionality. If you have a role that requires you to be constantly on the go working between the office and home, as well as traveling locally or interstate, this is an ideal accessory for your needs. With extended roaming distance in the office, advanced wideband audio and voice activated technology these are adaptable to different environments. Here are some popular models:

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