Offer on Plantronics Savi 400 and Savi 700

Offer on Plantronics Savi 400 and Savi 700

Boost productivity with the Savi Family of DEC T wireless headsets featuring unlimited talk time* and the most secure DECT technology certified by DECT Forum. For a limited time, get 20% off the Savi 400 series and Savi 700 series.

Note: *Comes standard with Savi 745 and Savi 445. Available as an accessory with Savi 740 and Savi 440.

Savi 700 Series

The Savi 700 series is changing the way productivity-focused office
professionals communicate no matter in traditional offices or
Contact Centers. With multi-device connectivity and an ultra-versatile
convertible headset, now you can easily manage PC, mobile and desk
phone calls with one intelligent wireless headset system.

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Savi 400 Series

The Savi 400 Series offers the highest level of wearing style choice and
best-in-class PC audio in a convenient, portable package. Whether you
are in the office or remote, enjoy excellent audio quality, the ability to
roam up to 100 meters from your PC, and a high-quality carrying case for
increased portability.

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